Dance before the music is over

Dance before the music is over
Life is as music
Music in your ears
Music like a long lasting song
Music as drops of notes
Floating on the wind into your ears

Music is like dancing
Moving lashes of energy
Throughout the universe
On strings of energy
Trying to reach you
As we try to reach you as well
Be aware of that

Music is like swimming
Free moving into the water
Without boundaries surrender
To the feeling and energy of water
Music is also without restrictions
A moving energy flow
What makes your soul happy

Music is life. Life is music
Dance on your music
Dance on life. Dance in life
Dancing is moving
Move along. Shaken up that hips
To keep you moving
On your particular music

Dance. Keep on dancing
All nights and days long
Because your life, your music
Is not everlasting
Maybe you don’t realize that
We have eternity. We are eternal souls
Your souls are limited into the dust. In time

So… Are you going to dance?
Listen to your own music?
Your particular, your unique notes?
As notes have to be sung too
As notes have to be read
Don’t forget to read. Don’t forget to dance
Don’t forget to move on your music
Don’t forget to sing too

Love, Irmgard