Connect from heart to heart. From soul to soul

The connection with being is the most important alignment you possibly can have with your prophesied being. You are a child of the universe and nobody is excepted. We are all one with the universal energies and so do you. In the alignation, read connection, with self lies the grounding, the relation, with the universe and there is nothing so important for yourself, your soul self, to restore this connectiveness with the greater good of being. The universal wealth of all.

To restore yourself in this wonderful energetical cord of being you have to restore the bond with self. The connection with your humanly self with your soul and instead of following the leads of the mind start listening, interpreting and giving meaning to the whisperings of your soul into its connectiveness with the greater universal wealth. This bond, the alignation with self, is highly important to be aware, consciously aware, of the existence of your own highest good: your soul, higher self, your consciousness. Never mind how you call it you just have to get into knowingness of its existential truth.

All good for so far. There is nothing so peculiar in a human life to get the grip on self, in the awakening truth and to get yourself acquainted with your higher self. And in the connection with your soul you will be able to learn yourself to be connected from this inner source of being to others. In the forgetfulness of yourself, even when you walk the path of the soul already, your life, life challenges and experiences might set you apart, out of, this connection when you won’t take a good care for your lightbulb and its meaning, existential meaning, into your life. In the occupation of life itself, the mind self too, you might loose the connection when the trembling effect of life takes over. And that is fine by the universe as you formerly was connected you might find your lost connection and restore it by yourself.

In the seclusion of yourself, when you withdraw yourself, of the connection of others there is no room to be connected with others as long as you need space for self. To process, to be and being in your own processing time. Al in the moment lived and experienced. There is no good or false as all means of the processes concerning your soul, into the deliberation of your soul self, its means and its potential. There is always a purpose, a meaning, behind all even when you degraded, dismissed of life itself. Depression, time for self into a setback of being might include processing into your highest good too. Even when you feel miserable about your processes you might work hard between the idea of your own. Be mild into your processes and look always with love to your processes. And to that of others too.

I lost that connection with self, just by walking away of my path of the soul as life punched me out of my soul zone and I started to neglect the intuitive input so now and then when the processes of fear, of shaking in my own truth, the process of demolition myself to break into pieces to become whole I certainly lost not only my alignation with the purposed means of the internal cord with the allies sources, the sources of the universe to prosper my wealth. I became secluded, isolated and withdraw in my prophesied forecasted meaning of my soul existence and that all, with all the mind input together, put me in total isolation.

Yesterday I had an appointment with two friends I met years ago on a yoga trip to Morocco. I didn’t lose total contact with these beautiful souls nevertheless I was so isolated in my rooting means that I had an enormous hiccup that morning and I couldn’t get out of the angerment of feeling so isolated and being so overwhelmed by life itself every time I step out of my front door that I almost lost control by shouting here to my husband ”I feel sick, I want to stay home. I am so overwhelmed by all that how I possibly can go out there by car, train and meet them in a restaurant in the middle of that town?”. As I know and feel that I have to connect more inwards to connect in the outer world I realized that I have some inner work still to do on that subject. Just as he said “stay home than!” I felt that I couldn’t isolate myself anymore and that the time had come to connect more and the more with others. The secluded time of being has become to an end and although this will be an issue in whole my life I can’t stand myself in my own way anymore.

As we had a good time, connected on soul level I felt that I have to ground more to connect myself with my humanly means further. To stand more rooted in my base chakra and be steady enough not to run away, to isolate myself, anymore and to get based into my own connection of being. The happily ever after to be reconnected with likewise and likeminded, resonating, souls is also on behalf of my greatest (soul) good and there is nothing to fear to step forward as I know I will guided. Once more. So that I am trusted in my means, in my settings and in my path and that is important. I go searching for some therapy to get me rooted in my base chakra to be able to get grip on myself into the prosperity of that earthly connections. We don’t have to do it all alone, you know? I already proved my ability to connect with the universe for so far… now steady progressing in the connections between souls. From heart to heart. From soul to soul. To be continued in its means and to be potentialized from source, by source and in by my own soul source…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen