New years message 2019

You’re an immaculate divine being of Love! Of Light! You’re here to evolve into the dusty surroundings of your planet earth. We encounter and envision great changes into your life if you’re willing to evolve conform your humanely universally planned outcome of being. You’re devoted to Light. You’re devoted to Love. As your soul seeks for enlightenment. We encounter great changes if you are willing to conform yourself to your plans. The plans of the divine will. The plans of greatest achievement into the willingness to seek for an illuminated path during your temporally earthly time. Into the dust. You’re here with a reason. A great plan comes along your being. Along the birthright of your being. You came into the dust, as an energetic gathering, as an energetic cluster of energy in a humanely appearance. We made your soul reborn. We let it rebirth. As many of you souls are really reborn many times. We envision everything, universally seen when it’s conform your soul’s evolvement.

Your soul comes from the universe. An enormous, energetically seen, wholeness of clustered souls together. You’re picked to evolve to contribute to the Light and Love of the dimensions of Light and Love. There are many loving dimensions as Love is the energy what goes not only around in the universe, and many other dimensions as well, but also on your planet. So is Light. The universal Light is faster than everything else except the energetical movement of the clustered energies of the vibrational beings of the universe. Who resonates and speed on frequencies. Frequencies of Light. Frequencies of Love. These energetical highways are faster than anything else and are immeasurable. Cannot be measured in human terms. Cannot be explained in human knowledge. But we are here to talk about Love…

Your loving being wants to contribute in Love. Wants to evolve in Love. Wants to surround itself and feed itself in Love. But mostly it wants to spread it’s Love. Wouldn’t it be great to spread everybody’s Love into the world known as your beloved planet earth? Wouldn’t it be a consistent radiant effortless gesture of Love to give your Love to humanity? To others? As deeds of Love spread as easily as pay-it-forward. What you sow you reap eventually. Why shouldn’t you spread your Love more? As the core of your beloved being is full of Love, in the lightened sweetness of your stardom known as the source of your being: the soul. This source came directly from the source itself. The source of Al. You’re created by Al. The source of all it is. All it should be. So is Love. Love is all there is! Love is all there should be. If you neglect your souls wish to evolve, to live it’s source full being the fullest, you neglect Al. You neglect the wish of the universe to discover your highest potential to evolve into the cadres of greatest soulful plan of all: the universal plan. Your universal plan!

You have so much potential!!! You have the greatest achievement of all (Al) in your being. In your core of knowledge, of wisdom, you carry the most worth full energetic potential there is. Your potential to evolve midst your divinely gifted soul. Yes!!! You’re divinely gifted! Everybody is! How great is that?!? You have an adaption full of widgets, of possibilities. A sourced adaption full of potential possibilities. But what is wrong with you? What is the matter with you? Why are so many of your earthly souls busy with matters of the worst possible acknowledge of being: a neglected soul. Why don’t you want to evolve your being with Love? With happiness? With doing exactly what your souls potential makes you happy. Why are you so stubborn and you decide to walk an ego-like path? Driven by the ego. By the mind. That’s not how we have foreseen it!!! That is not how your soul agreed! That’s not what we had ‘in mind’ when we ‘signed’ your universal contract! Your universal plan! The plans of Love. The contracts of Love. When you live, work or follow your path against the will of the destined plan and will of the universally agreed contradiction, we can tell you… No far more we predict, it won’t make your soul happy! And happiness is as feed for your soul too. Just like LOVE! By denying your souls wish to live it’s (highest) potential you live not by the ‘rules’, the universal rules, of your specific soul plan. Of your specific soul contract.

We foresee a great infinite range of possibilities, of chances, of getting to meet and being acquainted with people, souls, who will bring you temporarily or for a longer period further on your path. It’s not about how you reach your destination! What your destination is! The speed of your process! It’s all about the evolvement. All about how you walk your path. How you handle the things on your way. How you treat other souls. How loving you’re. And how you spread your Light. And how your spread your Love. For time being you can actually and indeed choose for another path. Ego driven. Materialistic driven. It’s all possible. But will it make you happy? Will it make your soul happy….??? That’s the big question. The universal question too. Because we seek for soul evolvement. For souls who want to evolve into dust. In the dusty surroundings your adaption is around. Tell us, are you HAPPY? Do you sparkle each time you get up out bed in your mornings. By the dawn of the dust? Is it? Than we are really satisfied! We want to compliment you that you, and your essence of who you truly are, accomplish a happy soul too! Is it not about having a happy source??? A happy soul??? An inner radiant, glowing, sparkling, loving, shining diamond who wants to be polished, be glittering and who wants to show itself. In it’s most glorious way of shining. In its unfolded most beautiful way? An appearance of the glamorous soul you carry within? Now than! Why are you hesitating, postponing, anxious to give it a try??? We are there to help you along your path. Carry you and make things possible when it’s really necessary. Why so afraid, dear child? Isn’t it great to live and do what makes not only your soul happy, your earthly adaption but also your universe. Us in fact!

How blessed can you be! When you live a life conform your souls wish, desire to evolve within the cadres, within the possibilities and within the potential of its radiance? Sure we would give you support! Why the fear? The comforted zone you live in is mainly based on anxiety and fear. To lose your false sense of security. Life is fluent! Flowing in every possible way. You cannot maintain and uphold everything you want, desire, what comforts you until the end of being! Life is fluctuant and challenging! Life is full peeks and dales! Full of happy moments but also full of moments of grief. Do you really THINK, yes we emphasize think!, that you can maintain everything within the strict boundaries of your mind? Your mind limits you, dear child. The more of the less. And always!


What suits you best? What is the best way to live for your being? Do what you do with Love, passion and devoted dedication. If you don’t do this yet maybe it’s time for reflection on your being. To make it in line with the divine wish, the universal wish, to let it live its highest potential! You’re so worthy to live your core and make it happy. Happiness is booming as soon as you decide, mostly universally motivated by circumstances and some universal, we shall pronounce this carefully, encouragement to live your soul. That you don’t neglect your being anymore by letting your ego (mind) rule your adaption! But the other way around. That you let your soul master and rule your adaption, narrated by the heart and of course the soul. Wouldn’t that be great. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? A whole world of possibilities will enter your life!

We shall not say, we are a very honest dimension, a very honest universe, that it will be an easy process. Sometimes it will take years of years of earthly years of self-reflection, of giving up everything you have known and lived for so far. Or you have to leave your comforted life, your family or dear ones all to discover who you really are. Or to know yourself truly into the depth, the essence, of your being. It can be an emotional rollercoaster with big looping’s and curves! Full of loneliness perhaps or anxiety but despite of this all it will be so revealing! This process of self-reflection will be so worth full for your being, your soul and your adaption. Once you’re in alignment with your soul, your ego is lined up and shared after your soulful being, you are aligned up with the universe as well. We sure do like that! And happiness will be around! More booming than ever. Give it a try, dear one. Why shouldn’t you? Make yourself not ‘a slave’, be not a slave of your mind and follow your dear soul. Make sure you live it and carry that LOVE, what is divinely anchored in your core of being, out! Is that too much to ask for??? We never promised you a rose garden once you signed up your universal plan and/or soul contract but we sure promise a happier life once your life your natural born gifts and your talents. And that’s wonderful! We promise you a wonderful route instead. Not without blocks or bumps. That’s inherent to your earthly life. But oh my o my it will be so much easier, so much happier, your route, your path we mean, once you go along with your soul and your soul is carried by your ego, your mind and adaption. Happy new year, beloved one. Carry your Love out! Carry your Light out! Be the happiest soul in the universe and sparkle so brightly that we notice you everywhere you go! Be that sparkle. Be that Light. Again! Happy, happy, a very happy…. you!

Lots of Love, the Angels of Love who bring this message into the world.

Channeled by Irmgard????

On 31th of December 2018. 23.43.