Live, love and your soul bloom


You are so delicate. A real beautiful flower. It represents your soul. Your soul is radiant. A radiant Light of pink. A radiant Light of Love. Your task in life is to share your Love towards others. To touch others with a help. A hand of spirit. You have a task. A mission. Into the dusty fields of earth. But sweetheart, you have to nourish your being more. You are losing petals. By not nurturing your soul enough. Your soul needs more! It wants to be seen! It wants to be lived! You have so much potential in your soul. Unbelievable! So qualified! So talent full. But in the eagerness to dive into this process, your evolution process, it makes you unbalanced. Ungrounded. You want too much! Too fast. To eager. Eagerness to learn, is okay. Eagerness to help, is okay. Eagerness to love and love others and pass your love is okay. But you can’t pass yourself. You can’t speed up the process of being. Of your soul. Your souls needs are different than the needs of your mind.

In this process, in your by spirit guided process, you need to slow down. Not to rush… your soul has dried a bit. You have to water your flower (more) to let your petals grow, your (inner) flower bloom. In the radiancy of your soul, the loving Light you are. Make sure you take time for yourself to water your grounds. Stay grounded meanwhile and make sure you keep your leaves green and petals colorful. The fragrance of your flower is delicate you have to smell it too!!! Your flower wants to be smelled too! Wants to be seen. See yourself always first! You can’t serve from an empty vessel. I put it now black & white. To emphasize it but you know what I mean. Serve yourself always first before your grounds dry, your petals fall of and your bloom starts to shrink into dust…

In your nourishment lies your radiancy. Your future. But also the care for others. Your life will be sweeten up. Lighten up. We know your life was harsh for so far and you know why… To serve others. As long as you follow our leads by the intuition, as long as you follow the universal guidance you will be narrated to a happy out coming.

Smell and see your beautiful flower bloom and shine like never before! The power of your radiancy lies in the nourishment of being! Take care darling. It’s all for the best. You are on your path and will receive your confirmations this week. To enhance your bright shining talent. You are just on your way!!! This is just the beginning of your journey. A life long journey.
Keep on shining! Keep on blooming!

Love, Irmgard????