Do what you love



My loving guide…
Guiding me to live my inner child…

You are a glowing spark
Of Light in the dust
Shining and illuminating others (in the dust)
Apparently it is a must

Shining and radiant for eternity
Without hesitation a task in the Light
That is universal… not about you
It is just about shining bright!

It is about touching others in their core
What is without reason
The thing in my dusty life
I adore…

My loving radiancy
It might touch you
Straight in the heart of soul
That is what I love to do
And without any doubt
That’s my purpose in life, my only goal!

Seek for your Light and Love
Into your beautiful inner being
Guided by the intuition, call it “from above”…
And contribute to others
That is about loving, touching and seeing

My task in life
I would rather say MY HAPPY MISSION
That is all I Love and strive
With the everlasting divine permission

I surrendered to the Love of my precious soul indeed
As soon as I was awakening
In the dusty fields of earth
And I spread Love with dedication and an certain greed
I instantly knew… this is my beings wish!

With acceptance on my path
A flabbergasted reality of life itself
I always knew… this is what I want
This is not about my ego self!

This is about serving
Nothing less, nothing more
Not about deserving
And I know my soul is happy
This is what I adore…!!!

Love, Irmgard❤️



After this channeling Isabel said to me: I am really excited!
I am seen too now!