Change of insight

After decades of trembling nuisances in my life, facing the deep but also having peaks I just realize now that my own self-pithiness didn’t gave me lots of credit to cope with my own processes. Although I kept on moaning and complaining to everyone what cross I was carrying, the cross of my own devastated and personally felt pains, I nowadays have grown in my own belief and knowing that everyone carries its ‘own cross’.

This sounds rather more heavy than it actual looks like… I just want to emphasize that we all have to carry our own package, backpack, cross or whatever you call it. Life is not one big comparison and it certainly is not meant to be. But isn’t it so when we realize that we all have to suffer in order to grow into our soul core to bring us further on our evolutionary soul path that we can be more compassionate, understanding and less judging towards each other?
The heaviness, the harshness, the grief, pain and all what was, vanished in the moment of awareness away as soon as I started to realize that ‘this cross’ I carried couldn’t have such an impact on my life that it was meant to crush me or let me down as it was there to let me learn. To let me grow in my being.
Nowadays I gain confidence in my own path feeling that it was never meant to bring me down, to burden my life. On the contrary I have learned from it realizing that I am not my pains neither my sorrow nor my problems. I just lived them over and over again as my thoughts let me believe, in the mistrust of this same being, that this life, my foreseen path, was burdened by its heaviness and all what was throwed on the same path of being.
Growth means that you gained insight. That was it. I have grown in my belief, insight and consciously living and in this growing I could leave my old misconception of my former life. I am and was not my harshness, my pain and all that burdens. I only lived them. Believe me, this change of thoughts can ease your life, your path and even your quality of life…
Love, Irmgard🌈
By Irmgard Daanen