C’est la vie…?????

The idyllic truth is the one you live. With the heart and soul. As the universe keeps on repeating, again and again, this to me I am highly aware that the only lead I follow is that of the loving heart and my golden soul. It sounds perhaps a bit dramatic but that is not the reason why I write this down like this using high fidelity words what resonate with my soul.

I am following… quite a long period in my life now and as someone has told me what passed the last years, what experiences I gained and what I discovered and learned about my true authentic self I should have laughed. Very hard and long. Residing in unbelief, being sceptic and highly doubting my own mind whilst hearing such a prediction.

But it happened, I lived it and passed it through. Step by step and bit by bit. Never expecting such deep experiences, consistently coincidences and meeting beautiful (also like minded) people. I learned and gave, lived and moved (quite a lot too) and spread amongst my high sensitiveness, being mediumistic and being so open to all the energies and all what is. I kept on going, plowed and went deeper and deeper. Further and further. All to become whole again.

Living between the matrix of being flowing from one into another dimension at day but very much at night during my sleep I learned. Not only about myself, this life but also a plenty of stuff about the universe, the universal belief, their standards and wisdom. As all resided already there in my soul being some parts had to be refreshed and other parts had to be molded and most of all I memorized my soul DNA settings into its own prophesied existential truth. Dwelling in the vortexes of the universe I am aware that the soul spiral of my being torches around in this dimension, many other dimensions and the universe as learning place to be.

I worked hard as a humanly soul but mainly on soul level to become the best potential self, the most illuminating version of that same self and I learned to expand my inner wisdom to the outer world. By writing through channeling. Using the universal automatic script of the energetic highway streams of Al. But also I gained insight by experiencing art, doing the creativeness by the help of Spirit and the most outstanding souls came and come by to draw into their soulicity of being.

Being such a give trough, instrument, vessel for the Spirit World, the universe and many and many other dimensional souls is asking for a good taking care of self. Just by the overwhelming concept of today, driving from the North to the South of The Netherlands I became aware, once again and daily as I have to say frankly, that often the input of all the senses is too much. The energy, the movement, the constantly being highly aligned with all (and Al the source of all) of being. It takes a constant reminding of myself that I have to shield, protect and ask for universal help to make it bearable, livable for me as a humanly soul.

Just when I experienced this, fortunately my partner drove, I saw on a truck the words “c’est la vie”. I immediately thought that may be true but I am done with that silver lining sometimes and when I am not shielded enough, done with that alignment with all and everything. As I am not a sponge, not an energetic chameleon who adapts constantly to another’s energy and more.

There are many, many light bringers, light workers and star seeds who spread the love & the light who probably recognize that the input, the frequency is increasing and that we function like a buffer zone, as a great sponge barrier, for others. We all probably do feel the uplift, the transformative state of being and no one will be excluded that we are all internal rising into our authentic means. Soul means.

Everybody walks its own path and that is more than fine by me. I do, like so many co-workers do, carry the light of the transcendental dimensional shift and as we do not only carry the light we are also a beacon for the dark what dwells around enormously to get rid of the light. All light antennas are hit and suffer from the darker energies of the planetary rebound. And I do not differ from anyone else as my light may shine bright it does not mean that I am discharged of all what is out there to extinguish the light in us and try to boycott the transformative light shift we all are in.

They didn’t gave us a rose garden to live in, certainly not, they never promised this before we signed our contracts. But each of us star spreaders do suffer, or did suffer, in our unique spectacular ways. So do I and so did I. Nobody is and will be excluded when it concerns the energetical uplift of the entire planet, our dimensional home, and even when you do not feel the shift… it is there.

Take a good care of yourself, sweet co-workers, star children, to do your thing and task. Do not be influenced by those energies what do provide itself of your light. You are meant to shine, very bright and not be drained by life itself, other souls or the other side of the light. Be relentlessly when it concerns your own well-being and although they never promised us a rose garden, an easy life and many things more… It is not “c’est la vie”!

We do not need to accept that we are materialized and used by the universe as instruments, just give through vessels. We are here to light the dimensional fire and if you struggle in life, in your own light, being highly open to all what is… ask for universal help. Ask it. Beg for it and have faith that they will help you. You are so worthified and worthful. Don’t let your silver lining, your starseed origin and your alignation with the source, the open mediumicity line, ‘ruin’ your life. Be sweetened and ask,  please ask and keep asking for protection, shielding and help of the universe… Like I did.

The sun is returning in my life now. I feel it, I know it and I spread it. It is possible. Even after suffering of many, many years. Felt like light years. Be inspired by my words… Be idyllic, the idealism of yourself is yours. Completely. Take a good care of yourself, heart & soul.

Love, Irmgard