We have a dream. A dream of prosperity, prosperity for the soul. Many souls. Sprouted, formed and lead by many likewise souls. Driven not only by the heart but by their souls to spread their unicity, their skills and radiancy all for the greater good in a combined joint-venture of soul wisdom. Spreading the soul wisdom to contribute to a world. Not only to make it a better place but a better soul place and space.

We foresee a community as a start of many communities in the world were high resonating souls find their compassion, their dedication and their happiness in taking part in a collectivity not only for the sake of their souls, to establish and unfold their uniqueness around in many talented ways, but rather to touch the unicity of others.

A soul social centre where hospitality, like-mindedness, high resonance take the lead and where souls do rule and where ego driven souls will not and might not take part in. As the work in the light may be carried, may enroll and may be sowed by souls who are neither driven by their minds nor by their ego’s.

A centre where love rules, all set and enfolded in the light, carried by the love and light of the universal loving well and the kinder spirits of many, many dimensions who take part in this too as a showing off the great plan of love. As this is contributive too. To establish places, centre of souls, where the spiritual world take real part in this. From soul to soul, by soul to by soul. All in the daylight, all in the conscious light of being and all in the light what is forehand.

Love will rule, love will ever rule. Light will rule, light will ever rule. Therefore we kindly ask you to cooperate with other likewise, likeminded and soul driven souls to take part in this voluntarily. All without expectations, all freely and all in an open minded conceptual state of being.

This is not a hyper tensional longing of one soul, this is a dearly consciously and well thoroughly universal longing. To create such centers of love were not only the love and light will submerge and take a great part in it for souls and by souls but frankly said it is too realize when you take an effort by longing and not by resignation and resemblance on old wounds and grounds.

Take the lead and establish such a great soul centers where souls take part with their abilities, with their soul wisdom and with their habitats. Create a place where souls, live, work and be hospitality to other souls who seek for soul teaching, soul wisdom and soul leads.

Make a combination of everything what suits, feeds and nourish the souls. Drench their souls in a warm bath of supplementary soul longings by not only teachings, but also dancing, making music, meditating, singing and in an encountering of listening to music. Create in co-existence and make such centers work.

You will have all the cooperation of the universal gatherings of love and they will anything to make you succeed in this. Do you, will you stand up for such a centre of love, of light of loving souls spreading not only their light but also their souls?

Are you willing to give up everything you have to make this work? If you commit to this almighty plan it will work. We make you believe this will work as these centers are the future. Centers driven by souls, for souls and for the soul evolution of many souls.

You do not need to be earthly classified, you are already classified by your souls. You will meet each other more and the more and make this a common wish for those souls who will find this longing, this push and this need in the bottom of their soul.

Every education starts, however this is kindly misunderstood in your dimensional world, in the basis. In the soul. Souls can and will evolve itself and they only need to be remembered in the earthly settings where you live nowadays.

Does there ring a bell, already? Make compassion, make connection, connect and start brainstorming about such centers of love. For souls. For your soul and many, many other souls. Be willing to connect, be willing to leave your comforted zones and be willing to realize this. Do not be afraid, as anxiety won’t suit well and will limit our plans and the plan of you souls.

Get started. It is time, divine time to launch these settings and create such unbelievable universal worthy centers as a combined joint-venture of connectedness, of soul connections and of soul liberations.

Be, work and stay together to get, create, the greatest effort of all. In a touching beauty of all souls concerned will finally bloom everyone who take part in it as ego, ‘self-proclaimeness’ and making money stays out. That is certainly not all about!

Be willing to surrender to a soulful life as this suits you will feel this in the bottom of your soul…

Channeled by Irmgard on 6 July 2021, 3.21 The Netherlands CET

By Irmgard Daanen