Being patient

If somebody is very good at teaching you lessons…  the universe definitely is. It’s quite simple. If there is something to learn the universal buffet will manage that you will face it, deal with it and it is served to you. There are plenty of reasons why you should not take the challenge and it goes too far to explain this. Everyone has its own time (called divine timing), its moment or place to face the structural lessons there are to learn. To deal with. That all on behalf of the evolutionary programmed will of your own beloved soul.

Everyone has to cope with life lessons, lessons to take advantage of and perhaps to transform you whether you want it or not. There is no question about wanting as a matter of fact as long the universe is involved. You get them, you will be served and you have to face the truth, your inner soul truth, to grow into your unique, foreseen, prospectus. Your providence of being. They pass the question of wanting, your willing concept of being, but it is rather a matter of when. And how your soul serving dinner plate will be served.

My serving time is set. For almost eight years now and there is nothing so plain, common and highly expecting when the next lesson, the universal teaching, all for my soul growth (I mean inner personal growth) will be served at my unique hostess table. Not exclusive anymore as the lessons are served more rapidly as ever. One after another or together (they don’t look to one more or less. Be advised hereby: expect more…) there is nothing surprising anymore since the day my butt (and the rest) was kicked into awakeness. To get rid of my pyjamas  to be remembered that I should be alive and not vegetating, consuming nor sleepwalking anymore.

Every theme is highly dedicated and pointed out. Also one after another or, as said, together. My themes now are the ‘common universal ones’ I almost might say: surrender, trust and patience. I just want to emphasize the learning universal soulology teaching (Soulology the Teaching. See my other page) now: having patience. Keeping trustworthy tranquil and expect nothing. Being into nothingness of that mind, attitude and former rapidly living behavior.

Patience is something I never had and on the exact moment I am facing the truth about this. With my ADHD I am not patient at all. Making steps already in this it cost me so much effort to stay tranquil. It isn’t my greatest virtue, honestly said. I write this now here down as a statement. Remembering that I used to be so “airy and shallowly”, running and moving so fast in life (although the universal experiencing company gave me quite some portions already. Still the universe does her best to keep me awake! I used to be so rapid. Fast in my unique rat race so that in every situation (even on my holidays) I was already looking forward to, managing the next situation, problem or whatever. The next moment of being without realizing, really living, experiencing and feeling in the actual moment of being. Therefor I always was very restless, relentless in my going and used to anticipate in the upcoming moment(s). In fact: I was forgetting to live at all!

Being quite reflective nowadays I know and feel for sure, despite of the fact that ‘life’ throwed so much at me, that I was running away for myself, for life itself and although the universal goody bar served and delivered me enough to run away for… I still couldn’t momentize myself into patience. Couldn’t relax, sit and just be in the moment. There was no patience at all. Just impatience. Nevertheless the universe fixed plenty of occasions to learn me to be patient in my life, life matters and being tranquil in and with myself. Being in the moment to be contemporary still, modernizing my being into resemblances (silencing my inner being)  without being quite expectingly and just enjoying, experiencing and living in what is. What is in the moment now.

Consistently being served by the universal soulology teaching buffet there is only one meaning of not knowing in the momentized learning process: patience. They are letting me swim in an open see without timing, with nothing to hold on to and there is no land to see to anchor. To be basically residential. Rooting myself into a place to be. My particulier questions now are where to live in the future, being ‘expectingless’ (without expectations) whilst my Happy soul book is being edited and not knowing when or where I start to make an income of my unicity, of my publications and my mediumistic capacities. On my diner table can’t be served only the universal lessons . Me and my partner (he has the same problems with generating income with his soul goodies) also have our earthly needs: bread on the table. This means patience. Trust too. Don’t forget surrender! And patience. Resumed: I am being patiently ‘forced’ into patience. Into momentum. Be patient is my advice. To myself. To anyone…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen