Blossom your inner flower

As many loving matters
Can unify us
So pure LOVE can
If we spoke all
The same language
The words of love
The language of love
In deeds of love
Actions of love
There would be a complete
Different world!

A world of love
A world of loving hearts
A world of loving souls
A compassionate world
A world of kindness and goodness
Of being helpful
As love is all what
Carries our adaptation
As love is all what lives our soul
As love would unify us

Do good deeds
Take loving actions
Help a person in need
Spread the goodness
Be kind to anyone
But don’t forget to be
Kind to yourself first
You are the loving basis
The loving soul who sow
Love around

As Love has to be spread
Always. You are responsible
For your own life and what you sow
What you sow, dear ones, you will reap
Be aware of that
Sow love, harvest love
Spread your love, get love in return
As the universe works very simple
What you send out, you will get back

Let you inner flowers blossom
Be the loving light we want you to be
Send and sparkle
Your lights of love around
Touch everyone with your inner light
With your goodness, your loving radiant
Enormous, compassionate, lightning
Dashing and smashing hearts

Love, Irmgard