Being into bee-ing

All what is, is. I can make it better or worse with my mind but I rather can start feeling how it feels in reality to be. Knowing, that in the acceptance of being, prioritized and lived in the moment now, I can surrender to what is. Shakespeare once said ‘’to be.. or not to be”. These immaculate words can resonate through you when you get the awareness of being in your life.

Being in life is really an art on its own. How many times are we distracted by our being, in just be-ing? Although I have to be honest. I am a real bee in being. Distracted by everything what flies over or is nearby. The restless me, seeking for a proper life-fulfillment writing my way into the etheric fields and perhaps searching for an abundant outcome one or another day in my writings, readings and knowing’s. Clairvoyant, clairknowing and clair hearing knowings. Automatically written down and even sometimes without having a clou were I am talking or writing about. My soul knows, I sometimes don’t…

I am distracted, sure I am. When I do my laundry don’t think I am doing my laundry. I am not mindfully doing what I suppose to do and even on my way to do something I can be distracted a thousand times in terms of speaking of course. I am hyper sensible and sensitive and not only in the energetic fields. I mean real life. Life can be extremely distracted on its own and even a day home can be filled with so much distractions that I certainly cannot be. That is why I should sit and relax more and spend more time being into nothingness. Being so deeply into doing nothing that I can fade away in my own awareness… just breathing in and out.

I think, it is always the thinking(!), that it’s hypothetic and farfetched to silence my being into be-ing. Making myself conscious about being or not to be in my own existential living. That is quite a challenge. To bring myself in a slower state, without or with less distraction. In surrender to what is. That exact moment. Being in time without the limits of time. Being in the eternal energetic reliability of just to be. Or not to be… that certainly is the question what keeps popping up each single moment again.

So being or not to be? What is it what I choose? I feel I need to be… in resilience, in trust and in that same surrender, mentioned before. My body says being. Giving myself completely to the moment of doing nothing and at the same time doing so much. Internally seen. The real distraction in life lies deep in my inner self. As there is no acceptance of being resilient tranquil. On the other hand my soul pushes me into rest, into surrender and into acceptance and still I am restless, distracted and bored at the same time. I am born as a busy bee! I don’t want to sit and adapt me to the moment of, well guess, being. I am born to be. As an active bee. Not as a meditation bean.

My mediations, in the morning yes I take some minutes and sometimes just some breaths in and out, to sit and do nothing. Totally fed up with that moment as my companion in life starts each morning with his meditation I felt urged, and he too(!), to meditate as well. Former the moments to get in touch with my inner self, spirit team as well, I now even hardly can’t contact them anymore as the inner self badly need rest. All what is, is. I better getting started with accepting. Life is being. In stillness too, in alignment with the moment and for me personally more than just a few breaths in and out to take my rest and stay balanced…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen