Be surprised…

I am so I am. The misconception of being is that we actually stand in our lives and sometimes pops the question up “am I???”. In the midst of all the hectic nowadays, it always is and it always will be as we carry on like this, there is nothing so closely and evidently important to be who you are. Being as you are meant to be. In the distraction of everything what crosses your path, the hectic fields we are living in we all carry our own backpack in the rat race we call life.

Life is not only meant to carry your sorrows along in the mistrust of your own being. Life, read evolution (soul evolution), is all meant to carry your best potential out to the outer world without any distraction of the mind of whatever. Your input means, it sure has a purpose but the only possibility who sets you back is not only life itself: you are you own worst hiccup, the greatest distraction and your worst nightmare as you give your mind the lead.

There is nothing outgoing in the prosperity of the mind. It is a delusion to think that your mind knows it best and we all make these misunderstandings, misconceptions and we all have a mind who carry us partially, for parts in our lives. There is not so inconvenient to think that you are the only one who suffers, the only one who carries a huge painful load of the past and you certainly are not the only lonesome humanly soul who has difficulties in life.

Life isn’t easy, life wasn’t easy and life might be a great illusionary visioned distraction of what you think, you ought to, live. Life is life and you are the main contractor of your own universal plan and if this applies to you, contract too. Never blame others for your life as you signed for it. The better or the worst, the deepest pains, believe it or not, hell you signed for it.

We are all both at once offender and victim. We live it all and sometimes in one life all at once. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the intuitive leads of your soul and take the most appropriate lead there possibly is. Start to feel into your own boundaries of being what is necessary to live and do not blame others for the inconvenience you perhaps currently live.

Every single earthly day is based on free will, it is a God given alliance, that you aren’t forced to live as your soul chose for it. In the current state of living you can actually ask and figure out for yourself whether you are satisfied by the appliances of your daily chosen actions, your practice and what you do. You can ask yourself am I the person I want to be? Do I live the feeling being happy in what I do? Does it make me feel contagious happy in what I carry out? Am I living my soul, its potential and its unique gifts the way I could?

Life, you are in. I bet you are so in that sometimes the tears are falling down on your cheeks and in the trembling imbalanced state of being, sure I know this state of being in too, asking yourself where you are doing it all for. If this suits you… be my guest in this article and start feeling in the stillness of your being what you actually feel. What does make your inner core so warm, perhaps feeling a little tiny spark, by just reflecting on it. Do take your lead back. You aren’t, we aren’t not our own victims but even not our perpetuators… We are. We definitely are. You are. You are a humanly soul ready in its own time to dive in the deep. Soul deep and actually feeling alive by your own free will, the wanting, based on the inner feelings of being. Be surprised what you are capable of. Be surprised…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen