Balance in the moment now

When everything comes together, seems to be coming together and you don’t feel a direction yet where to go, it is the best, as ever, to stay in the now. The now, the moment now, gives you the most stability. Time is obvious. There is no then, as or anything. The universe only knows the now, because past and present, future and all that was intertwine.

In the meeting of all that is, is all that is. You can be upset about that, not knowing what will come of it, but the only thing that matters is that you stay with both feet on the ground and that you surrender yourself to what is. Your head can make you completely confused, let it shoot in all directions, but as long as you don’t give that mind of yours space, the only space is the moment in the now.

That gives balance, stability and so much more. The moment embraces you in your being and no matter how much you let loose, it always takes you back to where you are allowed to be: the now. The now doesn’t carry you, the now doesn’t waver and certainly the now doesn’t make you run off with whatever comes to your mind. As difficult as it may be at times, look and stay in the now.

Love, Irmgard