Back on track!

Flabbergasted as I am knowing that I am going to sell my house to get some internal and external rest there is nothing to foresee yet, no outcome ahead and certainly not a new house to live in. As jumping into the deep isn’t my greatest virtue and although I jumped many times last years, landed over and over again very smooth after the universal catapult had launched me… it still is an almighty challenge to be focused on self into surrender.

As I am searching beyond the Dutch borders to get me a cheaper house my vision is totally hyper focused on the Belgium real estate market. As I was already frustrated about the Dutch market after hunting for hours and hours this morning… now I am really fed up with it. What a complete waste of time being occupied and filling days with this demotivating job. Many times I thought that I should spend my time rather happily by writing a text or making a drawing.  But it is as it is.

As a mediumistic soul (we all are but most of us lost the connection with the universal radio frequency)  I am able to see all the magic what the universe wants to show to me. Last years I experienced so many that nothing surprises me anymore. Even the old Aboriginal soul who stood this night (unfortunately I couldn’t sleep of all the stress) at my disposal didn’t. Watching and leaning on its wooden stick in my bedroom. It became clear to me that he was walking his dreamtime (soul) voyage.

Anything I don’t want to see, hear, feel or smell I won’t give attention to it. Once you give it attention it will grow in your attention as you draw the energy towards you. Nevertheless, this energy felt okay and I was keen on knowing what he wanted to say. The soul pointed to the East and said “you are going the wrong direction”. Quite surprised as I was now I was totally focused on my Belgium search into my happiness I asked him what he meant. He repeated “you are going the wrong direction you have to go East” and pointed with his stick to that direction.

Almost all my decisions are based on my inner feeling, the intuition, as voice of my soul and I thought this man is wrong. He wants me to act otherwise than what is foreseen. But still he had my attention and I asked him “do I have to go North-east, South-east or just East”? He replied: “it doesn’t mind as long as you go East. That is the right direction. You will lose track (he meant my soul path) if you go South”. Stubborn as I am I said I will see and look wherever I may go. He shook with his head and continued his voyage leaving little tiny stones behind by every few steps he made.

Now I understand what he meant. Life is one big exploring evolutionary trip on behalf of my soul. I was about to go the wrong direction and almost took the false exit believing that the South was my way based on my budget and thinking. Influenced by my anxieties and everlasting need for clarity. The resembling thought of being, what keeps on nagging and nagging in my head, isn’t the exclusive road to travel on. In the open mindedness of the inner knowing and feeling that the universe only serves me what is necessary I was set back on my feeling feet. My internal navigator. My exclusive soul TomTom. Understanding again the big meaning of all by input of this soul.

We all walk our own path and we are many times distracted by our needs, our minds and life itself. To stay on track, soul track, isn’t easy and that is continuously listening to the needs, the feelings and the spark in our soul. I let go the search for now and get back in that state of trust, of surrender and of rest knowing instinctively that everything will come and will be served by the universal common wealth what is suitable and sustainable to my soul…

At least the exhausting online house hunting of this morning has led to write this text. Thanks to that beautiful Aboriginal soul who pointed me my way last night. The universe is magical indeed. Sorry Belgique: you will not resident me. I am going East. I am back on track!

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen