Awaken in my own truth. I feel, I wonder, I am…

In the misunderstanding of myself I am my worst nightmare, my greatest enemy, my biggest blockade. In the meaning of life there is no place for the misty mind for so far it concerns my path, my feelings and my own happiness. I am willing to accept all what is mine but I have to keep that blurred mind off.

The blurred mind is the biggest mislead there is and once I started to understand that, I was misconceived many times by that same mind too but nowadays I understand that I have to encounter, accept and acknowledge all my feelings instead.

In the misty fog of the mind all gets another explanation, direction and even in the tiniest fear I am not aware of the complete impact of that contribution. Almost farfetched but it is possible to let the mind go, the ego behind and focus totally on the soul, its leads and it prophesied path of being.

It costs a lot. Total disconnection of self, of the old, total defeating of all my anxieties, former old pains and all what I carry life in and out on my soul. The left overs of the reminding pasts. I am certainly not my pains, my mind and my distractions anymore.

I am aware, I am awake and in the awaken concept of being I am allowed, I am urged and I am dedicated to spread these words to the outer world. To reach you and to maintain my own balance to be recognized every time again in the words I may receive, in the words I write down and in the words I am allowed to spread.

I am a dedicated soul. I am. I am awaken in my own truth and that is beautiful. I feel, I am. I feel, I wonder. I feel, I know. Life may sometimes be quite overwhelming, surprising and magical too but it is the best life I ever had. I ever felt. Thank you for that, dear universe.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen