Are you in charge?

Are you in charge of your destiny?

Did you already jump or make a change?

It is never too late to make the move

To take the step

To face reality

And think do I use my skills?

My God given talents?

Why are you so afraid, dear child?

Why do you hesitate for such a long time

To procrastinate your jump

Are you given all you have on the moment?

When do start to chase what YOU want?

To fulfill your dreams

To make your heart and soul happy


Be consistent in what you want

Believe that you can achieve this

Making the step isn’t easy

You are uncertain, unprepared

There will be hardship

The future will be unknown


But… so what you like to do

Use your potential

Don’t waste time anymore

Chase in life what you really want

Say YES to the change and jump

Jump into the infinity world of possibilities


Love, Irmgard