Are you a low budget hotel or the hilton?

Facing the truth is facing yourself. In the mirroring concept of being there is nothing so profound than being miraculous connected with the source of your own worthified truth. As connecting with your soul is the most sustainable worthification to the humanly self.

I am not a prophet nor a visionary but it seems that for the universal good we do not count by our humanly personality, the humanly embodied us, but by the energy we carry along in our heart. The heart as the hostel, hotel, the Airbnb or holiday home for our sweet soul.  

Facing yourself is facing that hostel too. Do you want it to be the YMCA or the Hilton? It all differs by the content of your hosting inner provider, the carrying heart, of your sweet guest: the soulish energy. You can deny the existence of that universal energetic bowl in your chest, accept it and get your mind into grooving its humanly (ego) path or surrender to your houseguest and be the most loyal host there is.

Being the most loyal host there is? Yes, your tenant, your guest, your local resident has to be taken care of. Taking a good care of. This sweet (sparkling) thing needs to be fed. Needs to be nurtured. You can serve it coffee as breakfast or skip the food at all. You can also (on the contrary) serve it a continental breakfast with all the nourishment it needs. You can give it away, sometimes serving it a moment of inner silence, a bit of wellness or you can sweet it with an ayurvedic wellness retreat on Bali. It is all up to you.

Perhaps I exaggerate a bit but I only want you to show the difference about treating your soul self. It is not a big fuss about how you treat your (soulish) self it is more to make you aware that there is an inner source what needs to be taken care of. It needs to be sweeten up (now and then). The magical concept of being is not whether you overload it with luxury, extravagance or buying happiness. It is all about the inner accomplishments, the inner sweetness and make that carrying energetic bowl of yours happy, sparkling and glowing. Shining into its radiance.

You can’t host your guest into plainness, ‘scroogeness’ and in denying, existential, truth. You have to nourish your soul self into the most appropriate and sustainable way there is. You are not a scrooge, not a meager landlord but a beautiful human being. On the inside. That is what counts, universally seen. You have to sweet your inner self by giving it rest, by playing or listening to music. Take it by the hand and go for a walk, move, sport. Make it body grooving and moving. Make room for your tenant and be a good host by meditation, draw it into stillness and start feeling what it needs to be worthified into its existence. Sing your lungs out and vibrate yourself to a happy or happier state and give literally air to your glowing inside energetic bowl. Sing it a lullaby, make a rhyme or scream the hard rock in you out. Rap, shout it out. It is all up to you. It’s your responsibility how you treat your (inner) being.

Dance and swirl around until you easily be dazzled by its movement. Jump into the air and set those two feet on the ground. Hip-hop it. In its own energetic (aurographic) space. Be meaningful busy by the heart and soul as this is sweetness too. Although… do not give yourself away. There is always (a bit of) self-care needed for the inner sweetness. Be good, do good. Carry others by carrying yourself. Be that host you want to be. Be that host as you wish to be hosted by. As it all start with yourself. Connect with your energetic bulb to be connected and to be able to connect with others. All sustainable contribution begins with that well fed inner guest you carry along. Be loyal to it, let it shine and make it the most happiful, worthful existential truthful part of yourself. Host it well…

Love, Irmgard