Are you a chameleon???

The existential truth is that you live your own truth. Are you living your existential truth? Isn’t it so when you adapt yourself to others that you might miss the point in life?
The greatest effort in life is that you live your own self. Essential self. You are born unique, with an unique soul. It isn’t so that your humanly thing makes your greatness, read uniqueness, but that is that sweet essential self. You are highly evolved to live your own truthful being and in the adaptation, the well conforming acts or deeds of love may be considered by self as this is the most contributive part of being you can give towards self but this is a misconception of being, a misconception of your existence and in the meanwhile, in the duration of giving in making yourself insignificant to self, you forget that the most likely contributive aspect you can give to self is that you are one with self.
Are you one with self? Are you? In the undeniable truth of being one with self you are eager, your soul is, to take its own energetic space of being. In the giveaway show of self, the natural born chameleon you are, highly adapted to the universal energies, you are so programmed to serve that you most likely step back from self that your need for serving determines your existential truth. In this huge misunderstanding of how the universe works, how your plan works and your contract -that might sound strange- is that all should be working for you. As you miss the point by serving as an adaptive chameleon you forget that your mission in the first place is to be self, to step in your own energetic space and that you accept what the universe is serving you to your essential self.
Your mission is our mission and in the incomprehensive thought that you are only made to serve, never tell that like that to others, is that you are not only made to serve to others, to the greater good and the common wealth of all loving energies but most of all to self. You are made to serve self. To serve your dearest soul and in this belief, this acceptance and adaptation to the constitutional truth you may serve further. Do not make a fuss about yourself in order to make yourself smaller than anybody else as this is unlikely misunderstood too. You can’t be smaller than anybody else as in the rejection of self lies this unbelievable false thought and you are all equal. There is no hierarchic standard, no ego driven soul, no starseed amongst you who doesn’t comprehend the fact that you are all driven by the soul to make sure that your contribution to the common wealth is egoless, ego deniable and in no way ego like at all…
The basis of all can be found in self and in the counter conception of the mind you might degrade, downfall yourself that your work is misunderstood, uncomprehend and not contributive enough. We can say that any occasion of love, any contributive deed of love, any uplifting deed of love is filling the ponds of love. All to be established in the common well of the greater good. Is that understood? As your likely thoughts of being make you always smaller than anybody else, than all and evidently you know that love is all what is so start serving yourself love in the beginning…
By Irmgard Daanen