Arcturian Message 31-12-2020


The Arcturian belief is where you stand for. Where do you stand for? Do you stand for self? For Love? For self-love? Love is, love was, love will ever be. We are here to proclaim love and bring you to a higher state of self, of self-awareness and in de declining of yourself you lack love, where you stand for and for self. We are here to transform your planet to another form of love, self-love and living love. In the connective aspect of love and in the loving gestures, touching gestures, of others lies not only the acknowledging part of self but also towards others. Love is, love will ever be and that is why we are here to take you by the hand to be acquainted with self again.

The earthly name is Corona but we have highly foreseen seen this transformation period of being to be leaded again to your loving rooting’s, to reconnect with self and in the out bursting love flow of self you will be reconnected with others. You are a soulful being that is why it is important to live your soul. You are forced, urged and noticed in this time of dismiss and of disloyalty of self. As you are all so used to live that ego minds of yours. You are urged to look deeper, on a deeper level of existence.

The existential truth is what you live. So once again… where do your stand for? Do you really need, all mankind, extra-terrestrial help to be urged, forced and sublimed to be ‘suppressed’ by the loving energies and forced into a more self-loving, existential life? A more life-fullfilling life merged by the soul instead of the ego mind. Is it really true that we come from so far to teach you about love, loving energies and the contributive loving part to self and the other. It is rather strange that we, all combined loving energies in fact, are urging to transform not only your planetary dimensional truth to a higher form of existence but your being has to be remembered of these original settings too. The settings of love. The settings of light.

Are you willing to dive in prospectus with your soul and to embrace not only self but where you stand for and what you bring into the world? Your worlds of being. It is awkward that you really need our help as our help should be focused on the entire universe but your species have our attention now as the world is falling apart by a disease, a virus, called Corona. Was it meant to be? Is the universe urging you to step back into self to reconnect with self again? We better say yes it is but as the loving energies can do much… we can’t do it all. If you believe this ‘Corona thing’’ that virus going round and round, is an extra-terrestrial act of love (if you can call it like this) we better speak the truth now. The virus was already there, for decades, but you are so plentiful as a mankind that the urging fact became itself. It made itself and we are just using this period of redemption, of self-focusing of reconnection to align yourself with your soul again.

You can’t be aligned and submerged to the universal loving energies as you aren’t in fact connected with self. An ego connection with self is no connection as the real passion between connections is felt in the heart and soul. We are all, we speak on behalf of the other loving energies, that we are using this period of decline, of attentive refocusing om self to get you rooted with self again. Like a tree you need rooting’s, groundings, and with that mind of yours you were disconnected from the original settings once more and the more and the more.

Be soulful, know where you stand for and feel. Start feeling what drives you, what motivates you and where the real passion comes from. Based is… on the soul. Be soulful in life. In your connections. Connect from heart to heart, from soul to soul and be devotedly true to what you, wherefore and with whom you connect. A real connection from soul to soul cannot lie, a real merged connection from the heart and soul is truly authentic and beyond everything universal meant to be.

We wish you no pain, no harm and no virus. Try to stay healthy and respect those who are suffering beyond anything. Respect those they aren’t pariah, they just suffer and might recover. In the meanwhile be compassionate, reign by the heart and soul and no matter what you are living on the current moment. As you spread the light or those who spread the love or even both keep on doing what you do and let this setback of being be the truthful basis wherefrom you spread. To those who just have given time, earthly time, to dive in prospectus of self, where you stand for and whatever, with whomever, you want to live soulfully and spread soulfully. Be dedicated to align with self in the feelings of the moment.

Dare to dive deep and embrace those feelings of relentedment, of contentment and of willingness to dive deeper into self. Be focused on self without losing connection with others. Try to connect and reconnect by the heart and soul. And that is why we are here for. Not to let you suffer and live your lives apart from another. In the giving time of being you can actually make room for what lives inside to live  this outside and that is our greatest good of all. On behalf of the greater good who is transforming your dimensional grounds, personal rooting’s into a transformative era of light. A transformative era of love. And that is all about.

The Arcturian board of wisdom and sharing the knowledge

Channeled by Irmgard Daanen