Arcturian message. 12-12-2020: The portal to transmission is open


Open for those who want to expand in expanding, discover in discoverence and be devotedly true and worthful towards their own soul and own needs. The shift is coming. The uplifting shift of the universal gatherings of love. The work is in process and is progressing. Many of you know their tasks, many of you share their Light beyond reasonable capabilities and many of those hard working souls give their love to the new expansion project. The great plan of Love. The loving plan of all combined loving galactic agencies together. Be responding to those who need your support and react conform your abilities given by this greater good itself.
You are not here to survive midst your ego allied humanly forces. You are here, and that compels to each starseed who works into the greater work field of earth, to that this expanding is needed to fulfill your plan and contract for the greater allied good and for your own good. Please do remember your assignment, please keep on carry your heartful and soulful work, hardworking contributive input to the greater aligned forces and universal greater good. Accept the knowledge and live this reasonable without forgetting yourself into serving and more. As the distinction between humanity and the allied forces is always there and you need to carry your work out in the fields of earth on behalf of the greater good, but do realize that your ego always must be second and your soul first.
We are here to make you understand and make you remember of the fact that the work into the light for that greater plan, the greater plan of love, is highly misunderstood, highly disqualified, highly not seen and most of all a highly lonesome path to walk on. Also we want to emphasize that once you walk on your assigned path there is plenty of universal help fore handed and you must not forget that you need help too and you are obliged towards your own humanly needs and the expanding into the frequential voyage of your soul that you are not only to serve on the earthly grounds and its dimensional bulb but also to live your humanly life as well.
Do not encounter too much on that work you do, as so many now are working into the light and spread their love concerning their contract and plan so do not distinguish yourself by feeling better, more adequate or a surplus serving servant as that isn’t worthy. A worthified egoless soul feels and knows that true serving is done by the heart and soul based on the free willing contacts and plans and never, we repeat never, by the humanly ego. If that is the case, your case, you are not serving for the greater good but on behalf of yourself, your humanly self. The choice is yours.
Just know your plan, stick to contract, do not be distracted to much of your path and mission and meanwhile keep on going dear souls and do not only make that contribution to the greater good but serve self as well. Without a proper serving base you might get disconnected of self and in the disconnection of self lies the distraction… Be aware of that.
God bless you all and be willing to take it easy in this time a huge transformational energy. You might feel this energy as heavy but in fact this huge energy shift will uplift the entire planet at once to contribute to mankind itself. Connection and love. That is all about.
12-12-2020… The gateway to transmission is open. Get aligned and feel the light coming in to transform your souls to the greater common well of the universal supply. Be light, be love and bring more light and more love into the world to submit everyone in its own portion to carry this out towards others. Be soulful, be loving and be good, do good and give. Give good love. Almighty plentiful.
The Arcturian board of knowledge and understanding. The galactic council of the universe
Channeled by Irmgard💙
By Irmgard Daanen (& MY HAPPY SOUL)