All you desire is already yours

When you are down, stressed, depressed or
Life is harsh to you whatever it might be
Your happiness faded away
Never forget, dear children
All what you desire
Love, comfort, light and heart matters
Are already inside you
Your inner being provides it all
If you are able to see the beauty within

Don’t feel unhappy or stressed that life
Has different plans with you
Or even on some moments
It feels it has no plans at all
The basis of everything you desire in life
You can find this always, always in yourself
As the heart gives you power
You just have to rely on it and
Trust in the capabilities of the heart force
It will always lead you to a greater you

In the heart you will find your soul
Your soul exactly knows your plans in life
Even you are not aware of these plans yet
From the moment you start to trust your heart and
Follow your soul you can reach for the map
The route map of your life
You mustn’t hesitate to take this blueprint in the hands
We know this can make you feel uncomfortable
May excite you and probably you have a lot of fears too

Do not postpone your happiness anymore
Listen to your voice from the heart and soul
In the silence and stillness of your inner being
The soul will talk to you through the intuition
If you have a lot of noise in the head or in your life
You cannot hear this little voice what keeps on
Telling you what is right for you. Which path suits you
It is never too late to listen to your heart and soul, dear children
As we know the plan and what is best for you

Step aside the ego minded adaptation and just look
Look and watch to your earthly bodies and yourselves
What do you see? Are you living
Your life as happy as you can be?
Do you use your full potential and
All the beautiful gifts our creator gave to you?
The answer is probably no, isn’t it?
As said before it is never too late, you are never too old
To set your hearts on fire and do the things you love to do

Don’t be stressed or depressed anymore
Life is so precious, so beautiful
You often are not aware of the Light and Love around you
Because you lost the connection with yourself and others
It is never too late and it is essential to Love yourself first
That above all the other things
When Love is gone, your fire within is extinguished
That it is a real pity we think
Love is all, so try to love yourself always first
To get the sparkle of life again

It takes some power and courage to dare
To change your life by changing
The life source of your being
To put the ego aside and
Live your life by the heart
Let your heart, souls and intuition
Lead you through your life
Be a happy human being who lives its potentials
Qualities and talents
That is all what matters, dear children

Don’t let your egos take over anymore
Be the navigator in your own life
Navigate it with the heart and soul
With the pure intention to set your inner being
On fire again. Just glow with the flow in life
Always in the moment called now
Nourish that inner sparkle that motivates
And drives you on your divine path
Be the light that shines brightly
How beautiful can that be, dear children?

Love, Irmgard