Alignment beyond the comfort zone

Being stuck with self and feeling the winter blues could make you feeling compared in being, but this feeling can be avoided and minoritized with the exact standard of being outside. Feeling stuck in self does not mean that you couldn’t make steps on behalf of yourself. Although that is what I have realized so far in my processes. Feeling stuck does not compromise yourself and once you dare to step out of that comforted self you will feel the difference.

Although that is what I constantly feel. There is nothing so stigmatizing than the idea of feeling stuck, thinking that there is no way out and these thoughts may have the countereffect on your well-being. Using the words “I can’t” never is a promise to feel yourself better. The moment you start realizing that is a moment of greatness as this particular consciousness is a recognition of yourself and your feelings. All begins with the awareness. Feeling into consciousness.
The truly means stands in the feelings you permit to live yourself and in this aware full moment you give permission, the recognition, to your being to feel itself beyond your doubtful mind. Don’t misunderstand this wrong, there is nothing wrong with sticking to your comfort zone and feeling stuck in yourself, I do it all the time. Nevertheless I do realize myself that when I want to change this vicious circle I am the one to make steps on behalf of my soul.
I am not my thoughts, nor my fears and just stick to my comforted seat of being, behind my laptop and in my super large bricked house I build fences amongst the outer world. Thinking that I am okay here, behind those bricks, relying on what I send out to the outer world behind my laptop. On the other hand I do know, and in this realization lies the flow, that this is a false security. In my means of understanding in the middle of the trembling construction works next door. My safety in my comfort zone is false and I do need to align myself with the outer world. Starting with going outside. Into the nearest forest to clear up my winter blues. So far, no go…
Remembering my last visit to the woods nearby it was such a special walk. Being in the woods gives alignation with the environment, it clears whoever’s being up and makes you feel lighter. In the silence of the woods you can even, when you are aligned properly, hear the whisperings of the trees and notice the elementals who are always keen to meet you.
During my last visit on the way back I was so joyful that I walked to a huge tree and started to embrace it. Immediately I felt comforted, safe and aligned and in my deceasing hyper state of being I felt a natural rest coming in. It was that I would ever feel this and I the my natural ability to connect easily with all what surrounds me I felt a deep connection with the soul of this tree. I know I have to go back there to uplift my being. As the woods always ease my being when I feel down, blue or whatever…
Love, Irmgard????
By Irmgard Daanen