About My happy soul… Me.. Irmgard

Even in my childhood
I didn’t like being born
Being here, on earth…
I felt like a stranger in my own body
In my called adaption
I had my own created world
To feel myself safe
Although I was as a kid happy
And I felt loved by my parents and sister
The years went by and I always
Created a world of security around me

Nevertheless… I was alone, felt alone
For many, many years…
Unhappy too, since my childhood
And I was always missing something
Now I realize that is my missing soul part(s)
My so called twin flame…
Life kept going
Gave me pains, harsh moments
And many, many moments of loneliness
But when at the age of 47
My mediumicity unfolded
As a tsunami of feelings it came to me
And I am still finding my ways in it
On days when ‘my silver lining’ is extremely open
I feel and see so many different kind
Of life forms… that it dazzles me sometimes
And I knew I never was alone before…
I just didn’t notice it!

In the revelation of who I am
What my soul mission is
I just realized that
We all have LIGHT in our souls!
We all have LOVE in our souls!
That we come here with our own special task
Guided by the universe
And anchored in an unique universal plan
Lead by the truth of knowing
We are all seeds of stars
With an unique gifted soul!!!

I am not special. NOT at all!
I am just human
A precious soul, like yours
Finding its way in life
With lots of ups but even so much downs
But what I know is that on the moment
I started following my heart, my soul
I am even here not alone anymore!
There’re so many likewise people
All searching their own way
Their own path in life
Revealing the essence of who they’re
And that’s so beautiful!

Just realize that you’re never alone
You’re always surrounded
By so many beautiful Light beings
Who want to help you!
Ask their guidance and their help
Show your gratitude towards them
And the universe as well
A grateful heart attracts universal help
And once you walk, even this is a bit scary sometimes
Your beautiful soul path
They are there to help in the best ways they can!
Know that you’re so beautiful and loved!!!

Love, Irmgard💗