My soul has brought me to soul writing & soul art
To be there for the other
I work by my heart & soul

Hi, I am Irmgard. Nice to meet you on the MY HAPPY SOUL website! In 1995 I graduated in Dutch law. Since 2014, due to circumstances, I have accelerated into a spiritual growth process. Because of this my view on myself and on the world has changed radically. I was always busy with my mind and I tried to explain everything with reason, through this process the focus was put on living by the heart. Because I lived my mind for decades I could not get in touch with my (inner) feeling, being, higher self… my soul.

I knew at the time already that I was highly sensitive. However, during my transformation process I managed to connect (align) with my own heart (-strenght)  and mind. Now I live by my feeling, intuition & heart (my precious soul). I have said farewell to my ego. A firm goodbye! It makes me happy. I can let go now better, leading by positive emotions (like joy and happiness) and I can see people and events with more generosity and compassion. I also always have ‘my glasses of mildness’ with me. You never know when you need them. This enriched en enloved my life. I feel more happiness than before. But, I am still in progress. My soul path is clear. In gratitude, for everything (which I first took for granted), I sympathize with my spiritual growth process.

In a harsh, overwhelming period for quite some years I have the feeling of being assisted by angels, guides and many, many beings of light. I experience, on a daily basis, the presence of these beautiful and special souls.  They bring love, light and support into my life. It seems like, now I live my life on a higher vibration (in awakeness), that I see, feel and experience everything more consciously. More intense & full of wonder being awaken in my own truth. Essential truth. In addition to a greater and deeper awareness, I have gained more insights. As it is all about the path and never about the destination the evolving fact is one of a kind and so worthful.

Since may 2017 I am experiencing that I am clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairvoyant. As my frequency becomes higher and wider my arsenal is intensivating by clairgustant and clairalient. In addition to the mediamic experiences, intuitive texts, I get ‘messages’ whispered. I receive these by automatic writing. It started with personal messages but now mostly messages for others. So that others start to live more by their intuition and their heart & soul. To walk the path of the soul, to reveal their true essence and start living their purpose of the soul. Their uniqueness. The talented unique soul they are.

Under my name MY HAPPY SOUL / SOULOLOGY THE TEACHING / INTUITION THE PROJECT© / SOUL LIBERATIONS (Dutch) I publish these messages and texts on Facebook and on my websites.

HAPPY SOUL greetings, Irmgard