A Love fairy-tale

Once in a lifetime
There was a little prince named you
And there was a little princess named you
They lived in a big universe
On a planet they called earth
This was such a beautiful planet
You could ever imagine
But most inhabitants
Didn’t seem to care for or noticed it at all
Like the beauty of the planet
Almost interested no one
They polluted it so badly
That the whole universe started to cry
They sniffed and snivelled
And asked themselves
What can we do about that? Can we help?

They also noticed
That everyone was so extreme busy
They were running around
Like chickens in a chicken farm
It occurred that they didn’t
Know where they were going to
The people there lost the connection
With themselves a long time ago
Because the egos have overtaken
Their hearts and the souls
As souls lived in the hearts
They felt lost now they were
Unemployed and not needed
Due to that modern techniques
Like mobile phones and
Plenty of other digital things overruled them
They lost more and more
Connection with themselves and others
Lost in a digital world on a polluted planet

The universe started to cry louder and louder
The heart of your universe
The dimension of light of love
Suffered from heartache
And didn’t know what to do
Several times they send people
To make the population aware
Of the planet’s vulnerability
But they lost the deeper connection
More and more
They wanted a change on a large scale
So they figured out a big universal plan for mankind
To transform the whole planet into a nice place to be
Where everyone should be connected by the heart

The little prince or little princess
Realised that when they
Did not take action or didn’t do something
Planet earth has been lost forever
Mankind was polluting themselves, besides the planet
By living their lives driven by the ego
As the little prince and princess
Had a great awareness
A huge knowledge of knowing
Who they actually were
In the essence of there being
They started to live by the heart and soul
Their mission became clear
Following the path of the soul

In the great consciousness
They found Love in themselves
Realized that when something
Has to change it all starts
With the little prince and princess
The universe responded immediately
Help was sent, synchronicities took place
But most of all these little kids
Started to be happy
For the first time in their lives
Fulfilling their dreams
That was what they always wanted
Asked and begged for
They had all they could desire
But they still felt unhappy, alone and lost
On that, once, beautiful planet

There was a complete transformation within
In their bodies, in their way of living
Instead of being spoiled, bored
And always unsatisfied
They experienced a great inner peace and Love
The greatest result of this transformation was
That actually they started caring
To care for themselves but also for others
And the environment
It looked like not only the hearts were opened
Even their eyes…
From that day they gave love
Love to themselves, to everyone they passed
Along the path of the soul
And love to the animals and
Their birth grounds, called earth

With great joy, happiness and dedication
They fulfilled their tasks
To make the world better
A paradise on earth
Like it used to be before
But now there was no distraction
There was only love and more love
Love was spread
It was like a ‘love virus’
What goes around
Eventually the whole mankind
Was touched by this Love virus
Lived by their loving hearts and souls
Like a common fairy-tale ends
They all lived happily forever
In great Love
In a beautiful paradise, named earth

The moral of this fairy-tale, dear children
Is that you all are the little princes and princesses
The earth keepers of this generation
But you can only keep mankind and the earth
When you DO care about others and
The planet you live on
Love is the key to transformation
Reach for your inner lights
And shine on your unique paths
Make your lights so big
That your planet will be known
In the big, great boundless universe
As the love star that glows
That is all what we wish for you and for us
Be a pioneer to walk upon the stars
With your enormous inner lights
Of love, compassion and kindness
And there was love everywhere…

-The End-