A happy soul…

Wouldn’t that be awesome!?!
I would love to get, feel and radiate
My passionate core, being
Every single day again and again!
But… life…
Give the you hiccups sometimes
The deep facing truth of existence
Can be really really flabbergasting
Annoying and exhausting
At least you could give it a try
Happiness isn’t something you can order
You own or you can imagine it
With that mind of yours
A happy soul! Love to live that one every day!
Five years ago I personally was really deeply shaken to awaken
I wasn’t happy happy at all for a long time
Most of my life I must confess
But the day the universe shook my being
I started to live my soul, step by step
Unfolding the true me. I went deep. So deep
That I had to face myself in the depth of the mirroring deep.
And it wasn’t so lovely I faced
But that is okay!
I am just human. With my humanly dualities
I accept them now. Even that called ego thing
And the truth is that I see myself nowadays
I am okay with self and that is fine by me
Enough to look myself straight in the eyes
I wasn’t born happy for a whole lifetime
That would be nice!
I am responsible for my own being
Happiness, prosperity but also passion and what I live
Although I try to live happily I have to say it is hard work
A big challenge sometimes too…
Love, Irmgard❤️