A bond of love

Life is meant how it comes. How incomprehensible, despicable and even in the misunderstanding of all those processes, life-events and formalities… life comes as it is. Certainly life is as it is.

In the total degustation of myself, diving deep into the spelunks, the dualities and all what had to pass by and had to be served by the universe too… it kept me so occupied, burnt me intensely off that I not only lost connection with the perception of the purpose of life but most of all with myself, my relatives and others. The introspective processes, the universal revealing soul processes, are most of all carried alone, processed in solitude and progressed in silence. How inconvenient indeed.

So I did. I carried ‘my cross’ alone, set back and withdraw myself in the understanding that it was all necessary to dive deeper into my inner self. Meeting not by accident (as it is all arranged by the universe) myself on the deepest points of being. The pains of the pasts, gathered and lived in multiple ‘lives’ and forms, carried along in the nothingness of the universal energetic beingness in my soulful state of being passing by. Coming in and out dimensional states and learned everything I had to learn to evolve in my prophesy of being. All set, all there and all be conquered now as the soul jigsaw of eternity is coming together and all the pieces fall into place.

I was lonely, felt into my loneliness, and I asked myself many times into total grief “does this never end? Does it never stop?” Even when the universe showed me my path and showed a big shining door to be pulled at I walked steady on this foreseen path and at the end, opening and entering to this universal door of personal enlightenment (the state of the soul to be uplifted in its love and light. The pillars of its existence. Universal existence) I saw a bunch of light. I saw this imagine, this knowledge, many many times last weeks. Although the light is so bright I can’t look behind it, through it. Nevertheless I just know, it is an inner feeling, that bright(er) times are ahead and in the former misunderstanding of all what I had to live, the harshness and the grief too… it was all meant to evolve into the universal light.

Yesterday I got a glimpse of that light. Of the love too. As highly sensitive soul I am aware of the multiple life-forms what surround us and many moments a day I have contact with my team, guides and so on. This as intro to what is next. The clou of my story is that I lost contact. Earlier with myself as said. Two years ago also with my only sister. We both had to walk our own path, had to deal with that personal processes and we couldn’t carry each other anymore. As I was carried a lot by my family as long as I can remember it was time, the divine time was set, that we both had to grow into our soulfulness and into the essential us. She walked hers and I walked my path. Damn… frankly said I certainly did miss her! We had such a good fine bond together.

Time flies by and now we are two years further. Grown into my potential and essential self we had to grow in equality too. When I drove to our appointment my internal started to fill itself with anger, with grief and I became hard. I shut myself completely off. Two days ago I wanted to cancel the meeting as I was so tired, angry too, mixed of all what is taking place and what I lived and conquered for so far. I felt I had to go and that was worthwhile the effort. Meanwhile when my angerment came in I instantly asked for help to the universe and directly I felt my two mildness guides sitting on the backseat of my car. I definitely felt that I should be mild and they also told this to me. I said “I can’t do this”. There was too much happened. She even wasn’t there on one very important day of my life. “Be mild” I heard again and I felt the mildness enter into my heart. I started glowing, it became warm and I whispered to myself “I am love. I am mild. I can do this.” My anger vanished and I became silent in myself. Feeling into knowing, knowing into feeling that all what was happened wasn’t important anymore. We both carried our cross, walked our processes separately and in the maturity of personal growth we were able to meet each other again on a more sustainable and likewise level. As our relationship wasn’t in balance before we had grown into our essentiality to meet, to be reacquainted with each other on universal level. In love, in connection and certainly in mild harmony.

It was loving, contributing and when my tears flew over my cheeks, hugging her tight like never before, I felt that we were reconnected. In strings of love. But also in strings of light. Our bond had settled and although we carry our love and light to the outer world out on a different level, manner too we carry the same similarity in our soul veins and that is keeping the connection together. The rebirth of a reconnection for the greater whole. As maybe our alignment, the connection by the humanly blood, settles our connection in universality and this might lead to a cooperation to carry our love, our light (the sustainable universal carriers we all posses in our beloved soul) out to world.

I impossibly cannot foresee where it goes to. I am just realizing that everything is possible, nothing surprises me anymore and I am more than ever open to any form, kind of, possible way(s) to spread the love and the light to the world. I am ready. I am home. Glad to have met myself. To be reconnected with self to be able to (re)connect with other. Now I understand the greater plan of the whole. You have to became whole to be a part of the great wholeness… of Al(l)… Thank you dear sister for letting me feel into awareness how strong a (universal) connection can be…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen