The abundance of life

Life can be really abundant, you know
Abundance is something
You attract with you mind
Abundance is like gathering
All your positive thoughts together
In one, big, clear, visible and tangible
Energy flow called the abundant mind stream

Abundance is nothing more
Than visualization
Manifestation of your invisible thoughts
The fruit, the offspring of your mindset
Manifestation is visualization
Visualization is manifestation
We said that before
But don’t you like an abundant life?

Full of fruits? Your own harvest?
From your blooming fruit garden
Full of flowers?
Of your loving flower garden
The blooming fruits and flowers
Of your radiant soul
As true happiness is always lived
By the heart and soul!

Your fruit and earthly rose garden
Have to be maintained
Set your ego aside and feed
Your thoughts with the soul thoughts
With the results of opening your map
The chart of your soul
Read it carefully
And let your mind be influenced and guided by the soul

Ego thoughts, the ego mind thinking
Is often very negative
It attracts negativity by overthinking
All that bad and harsh things
What happened in your life for so far
Overthinking isn’t worth anymore. Not worthy
It is a waste of your earthly time
It is waste of everything!

That is the way
That is the lead
Let you be guided by your positive heart
By your very positive soul
And say cheers to life
To the harvest of your fruity thoughts
The positivity of your being

Say hello to abundance
As abundance overflow in life
The good things
Will be attracted by your mindset
Be a gardener and water your seeds
Water and feed your plants enough
To reap what you sowed
Positive things, positive abundance
As the offspring of your positive visualization

Love, Irmgard☀️