You are soulicious

I am so so delighted excited!🤩

As the stream of creation is flowing… by making two new websites and uplifted the MY HAPPY SOUL website last week, made a crowd funding video for HAPPIFY YOUR LIFE inspiration cards, & a COLOR YOUR LIFE color book for the soul meanwhile the ideas keep popping up.
The great accomplishment of following the path of the soul, its intuitive leads and its passion is that everything you need is presented or will show up. Not in the way you want it to be, or wish it to be, no way! The path of the soul gives you exactly the right synchronicities by meeting the ‘right’ people, the support, the coincidences and the lucky chances. It is all there! Presented on a ‘silver universal dining plate’. You just have to trust, to surrender and go with the life flow.
I am so eager to dive in the prospectus of my soul. In its revealment of being it gives me the best feeling, the most happy awareness and the greatest life-fulfillment of being. Isn’t that great that you just have to follow your soul…?
And from now on I my early morning coffee will be served in my own MY HAPPY SOUL mug and in my MY HAPPY SOUL colorful pink t-shirt!
Love, Irmgard💗
By Irmgard Daanen