The truly means of time is that there is no time set. The allegation of a time schedule is one to ignore as the universe and all the transmissions, gate openings and influenceable energetical contributive aspects to the dimensionairy earth are all scheduled not in time, earthly time we mean, but in divine time.

The divine timetable is one of a total perfectionated concept of all. The energetic time schedule for all transmissions, all gate openings and all energetical contributive aspects and alliances are those who aren’t measured with the time as you provoke it but with the universal time set in the universal energetical radar work, the universal plan settings and contractual means of every soul concerned.

You all with your transmission energized meanings of numbers, earthly time tables and schedules. The true means can be found in the heart and the soul and they sure know when it is time for being. When the divine timetable is set, your transmission gear is on and that has nothing to do with all that figures, all that predictions and all that fuss you put around an earthly date.

When you downsize this and you can look beyond what is told, what is spread about this you already feel that there is something to happen in the most positive outcome there is. Your whole planet is upgrading into a luminous lift up and the more you resonate with your soul into this the more you will feel this, live this and will be influenced by the same.

Neither us, neither you can influence transmissions, uplifts and so there is no date that can influence a divine time scale or schedule to do so. Keep on feeling and your soul will be dragged into the illuminated path, the dimensional path, what is right in front of you. Meanwhile keep on going, keep on following your predestined path and be miraculous outgoing when it concerns your soul, its prosperity and its unique potential…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen