My happy soul is a simple girl from The Netherlands who started processing on the way to the essence of being just 5,5 years ago. Between the roller-coaster depths and the high peaks of being I found myself. The authentic me, the naked soul revealed and the inner truth embraced.

In 2017 my mediumicity showed itself and from that moment on my life never was as before. I started to follow my soul and to listen to my intuition: the intuitive universal leads of all beings.

As my life was turned upside down, my soul pushed me out of my comforted zone and my writing became more and more intuitively guided. Nowadays almost all my writing is led by words I receive from the universal compounds of being.

Once I started to follow my soul, its leads and I surrendered, accepted this all and just went along the flow of my life I became more and the more happy. As everybody else I also have my moments of unhappiness, being negative and having hard times I learned that when you put your mindset differently, focusing on the good, the happy things and the positivism… your mind begins to believe that. Nowadays I easily can see and notice in almost everything the good, the positive and happy sides of something. My slogan is “everything will be okay” and most of the time it will…

It is not how you live your life. It is all about your own mindset of being, of aligning yourself behind the soul, your soul, and most of all start listening to your intuition.
As your intuition always knows the way, which direction to take and leads you all around your own life. You just dare to rely on your own intuitive leads of being.

Dare, do and start living your soul, to listen to its voice and do what makes you happy…

Love, Irmgard💗