The (mid-life) awakening…

And awaken!
Heavenly stirred
Also a bit blurred!

Forgiven the past
What, definitely, won’t last!
In the surrender to the path of my soul
I discovered a totally other goal!

Instead of pleasing everyone I met
I please myself nowadays without any regret!
Embracing the essence of my being
I feel, know and live the knowing that I am worth seeing!

Not only by myself but everyone I meet
I spread my Love and say hello and greet!
To try to touch them in the soul and the heart
Making them realize that they are their own ‘life-guard’…

Guarding yourself and evolving your precious diamant* within
Is the greatest process of reflection you could step in!
Just realize you are never too old! It’s never too late!
To get acquainted with your true being, your inner self and have great date!!!

Love, Irmgard❤️

* By diamant they mean the soul