Sweet surrender

As my heart pounds, in anxiety
Afraid of another path in life
What comes closer each day
My soul keeps wondering
Asking what is the big deal?
In reflection how it was
And how it will be
As the past is well known and
The universe revealed a glimpse of my future

The mind and the adaptation
Would rather stick to the old
Giving me
That has showed of already
A false feeling of insecurity
My mind overrules my longing
The wishes and the guidance of my soul

Dear universe, I would kindly ask you
Unleash my burdens, burdens of fear
Burdens of the past
Help me and give me room
For what is foreseen
What will be lived conform
Universal plans and contracts

Guide me further on my divine path
With dedication, relief, without fear
Effortlesly fearless and doubtlessly
And room, plenty of room, for what is coming
As the evoked truth is nearby
I feel that into the depth of my being
I surrender to the will of my beloved soul
In the sweetest and most loving way possible…

Love, Irmgard