Soul versus Mind…

My soul needs to be seen – My mind says: the ego shows itself off!

My soul needs Love – My mind says I don’t need and I don’t want Love! What is that…??? I have my ego!

My soul needs to be heard – My mind says I only listen to the ego!

My soul needs experiences – My mind says experiences? I have my own path. Ego driven!

My soul needs a vast stage to perform its unicity– My mind says stage? I have my own ego platform!

My soul is eager to learn. To evolve! – My mind says life was harsh enough. I dealt with a lot. Let me dwell into the past…

My soul needs to expands in loveness! – My mind says I dó love myself: my ego self!!! Fair enough and a great accomplishment on its own!

My souls wants to meet and connect – My mind says: the only connection I need is with myself. Do I really need too???

My soul wants to be radiant. Illuminating – My mind says I have my own spotlight: the ego!!! How awesome!

My soul wants to cherish all and to help everyone – My mind says helping others? I only help myself!

My soul needs to be nurtured – My mind says: nurturing? What’s that…!?!

My soul says dive into the unknown – My mind says let’s keep it safe! I stick to what I know!

My soul wants to explore the world – My mind says: hell no! I won’t leave my comfort zone!!!

My soul sees you – My mind says. Seeing you…??? I only see myself as I have my ego!

My soul says the whole universe is there to help – My mind says… A whole universe?!? I just help my own ego universe…

My soul says be open minded – My mind says: lets close down. I love myself, the ego, and its thinking!

My soul says follow the heart and me – My mind says: follow the ego! Stick to it! Soul: what is that?!?

My soul says lets be positive! – My mind says. Positive??? I am used to negativism. Why should I leave my nagging and compelling? As I repeat this all the time…

My soul says lets follow your dreams – My mind says: dreams??? I dream at night. That’s enough!

My soul says let’s live my purpose – My mind says: purpose??? I have my routine. My own goals. Driven by the ego mind. That is what I want!!!

My soul says lets meet my soul family – My mind says. Soul family??? Are they relatives??? Does they suit my ego self?

My soul says live your twin soul – My mind says… dó I have a twin… soul…?!? Does my ego split too? That’s awesome! Two ego’s!!!

My soul says embrace the universe! – My mind says embrace the ego! Universe??? I have my own universe!!!

My soul says well embrace my unicity. My talents! – My mind says. Talents? Who works for the paycheck… Yóu!?!?!

My soul says I am unique! – My mind says. Unique??? My ego defines my unicity! Look at my hair! My shoes! My status… Háve you seen my car??? No…?!? See my house!!! It is so big! That’s unicity what stands on its own!

My soul says be yourself. Without a mask. Be authentic! – My mind says: authentic??? How do I measure that? Look my appearance… that is unique…!

My soul says lets contribute to the common wealth with my uniqueness – My mind says common wealth??? Does my ego share something???

My soul says fine by me but I follow my intuition – The mind says… intuition. Cán you think that???

My soul says well FEEL!!! – My mind says féél?!? Why should I? I have brains to think. Be rational!

My soul says I am dedicated to LOVE!!! – My mind says… Love?!? I am only dedicated to myself!!!

My soul says are you ready to launch yourself in prosperity? By faith…? – My mind says prosperity by faith?!? Abundance that is bought, isn’t it…? Where can you buy that…?!? Internet? Let’s try Mr. Google!

My soul says you, dear mind, you háve to align with me  – My mind says… Alignment? My ego doesn’t want to align at all! Only with self…

My soul says I am driven by the universal energy – My mind says uni… what energy??? I am driven by myself. Awesome isn’t it!!!

My soul says I came here to evolve… That is why I set birth – My mind says evolvement??? I came here for material needs and my financial accomplishments. That is certainly evolvement!!!

My soul says… Mind: I can’t talk with yóu!!! – My mind says I only hear myself as the ego talks all the time…

My soul says I am done with you mind!!! – My mind says I was already done with you the moment I became an embodied humanly creature!

My soul says I dó it all alone… I don’t need you mind! – My mind says you are welcome. I am used doing things alone!

My soul says… If you continue… I say goodbye to you! – My mind says… díd we already say “hello”…???

My soul says I evolve alone…!!! – My mind says… Alone…? That is why I am human, isn’t it!?!

My soul says I don’t need you anymore! – My mind says. Díd we need each other??? I have my ego!!!

My soul says see you… Mind!!! – My mind says … soul… díd I séé you…???

My soul says: mind I am done with you! – My mind says did we do anything … together?

My soul says… I give up on you! – My mind says I did already on you. So what is the big deal?

My soul says… Bye! – My mind says… Bye??? There is nothing to say goodbye for as I didn’t recon you at all in the first place…

Love, Irmgard💗