Salty insights

Walking on the beach
With the salty wind in my hair
The everlasting
Sound of the waves
As beautiful background music
A rhythm of nature
What never ends
I find my stillness
More and the more…

In the silence of being
The whispering words
Of an universe unseen
But always present
Fill my inner knowing
With deep insights
And unfolding truths
About my being, path and Love

In the reflection of myself
There is a heaviness
What causes sorrow
I need to let this go
As the burdens of the past
May be carried away
In the sighs of the wind and
On the sound of the waves

The true essence of who I am
Reveals further in the silence
The moments of Being
Realizing that
With every peeled layer
I left behind
I became more the person
Meant from the start

In the reflection
Of the salty water
I see myself clearly
And I finally can say…
I see myself!
I like what I see!
Nice to meet you!

Love, Irmgard💗