Collapse if you will, fall if you want, feel yourself broken… but rise you must (and learn)!

This weekend I saw the movie Eat, Pray and Love based on the book of Elizabeth Gilbert. In the movie she said “collapsing is the way to change…” This saying inspired me to write the (inspired by the universe) text below…

Life isn’t about falling. Isn’t about to let you suffer, living you the harsh moments over and over again. Life is about learning! On a deeper level. Soul level. The deepest level of being. The level what connects us to the universal energy. The alignation of being lies in this energy. Universally seen. Life isn’t meant to let you collapse… to live your pains, grief or sorrows… Life is to let you get acquainted with your true you. Your essence of being. This acquaintance, this ‘meeting yourself moment’, is also on a deeper level. Before you can dig deep in revelation you have to be touched on a deeper level… You can call this an awakening up, a collapsing downfall or even you lost track in your life. But it is all meant to let you grow. To let us all grow. In these learning moments of being lies our biggest growth. Also on soul level. As soul evolution is the highest achievable state of living. It is not about good, better or best but all about learning. Evolving. To let your soul grow into its core of being. Rooted with the universal Love. Rooted with the universal Light.

As soon as you have faced the deep, broken winged perhaps, down to the bottom, painfully hurt to the deepest level of being, you are able to crawl, to bounce back and to return to your own core of existence: the soul. The essential you. You are so worthy to be revealed. To be unveiled of the mist, pains and harshness of the past that the universe has to let you collapse, awaken you (shaken to be awaken…) and to let you “fall”… only to let you learn! To let yourself change. That you can do things otherwise. More soulful, connected with yourself and connected with the universal strings of energy once more… Collapsing isn’t falling. Collapsing is a moment, a period, of reconsideration. To evolve yourself into the possibilities of your unicity. In your uniqueness.

You are so worthy! This is so worthful. Collapse as you fall, it isn’t a down fall, it isn’t a harsh thing to break you down to the depth of your beloved being… No! In your worthiness of claim, the universal claim, to evolve into the Light and Love of the universe… it is gaining! It is evolving! It is changing to your best possible way and to its best unfolded you. To its best potential you. Gather yourself together and come on!!! Make sure you understand this process and carry on. Until you are okay with your process, yourself and your path. The divine, envisioned, path of the soul. Good luck dear soul. You are so worthy to dive into the deep. The universe will do everything not to let you suffer, to ease your being and path and your processes too. Trust on that. Surrender to that. And let you be carried by the universe…

Love, Irmgard❤️