The vast majority of time you continue with complaining and compelling. When… do you start believing in your life?????

On a daily basis I receive lines. It goes on and on. Some days, when my energy is high, the flow of words keeps coming. I have a lot of lines “in stock..”.🤩

I share these in a quote, in a text, as soon as I feel that. The souls who have to be touched with these lines will definitely feel that. That is the menaing of the MY HAPPY SOUL contribution.

For me personally I just “do my thing”. Sharing the universal lines I may receive but when at least one soul a day is touched by the loving words, that sure will be awesome!

Maybe the quote of beneath isn’t meant for you, that is possible, but there is really another soul out there who needs to be touched with these lines.

Have a good day! Make the best of it. With or without the universal touch of being. Make sure you live your life dedicated, with passion, Love, inner motivation and happiness. Don’t forget a happy being is always worth seeing (of course others too!) but you sure know what I mean…

Lots of Love, Irmgard💛