I have a vision… A DREAM

A vision empowered by my being, soul and everlasting passion.

I want to create a ‘supernova’ (a place, a centre for souls), a magnificent sphere for souls to meet souls and where disciplined, attuned, souls can expose their talents. To touch, feed and ensparkle that inner flame of others what needs attention… What needs to be touched, motivated and impassionated. To lift people up, to give them an acknowledging of themselves, their essence, their true selves, unicity and inner wisdom. All driven by their soul.

When receptors are touched by music (using (Shamanic) drums, flutes), dance (energetic dance), words (intuitive and guided / channeled texts, messages), knowledge (inner wisdom lead by the soul) and souls can meet the stillness of themselves this should be contributive to their (soul)path. Like creating a platform for souls by passionate, soul driven, souls. Lead by egoless souls who resonate with each other.

That is what I wish for. That souls meet souls, souls teach souls and the ‘soulology’ is an art of teaching, the soul science is a vast scientific wonder of existence and that in the everlasting soul evolvement every soul might be wishful, soul driven, on their envisioned way will manifest their dream and live their soul, talents, uniqueness and soul purpose…

All without ego, without a materialistic drive but all soul driven. And the surplus of this soul company will be used for ‘charity’: to make people aware of their own Light & inner Love and give souls the chance to discover their own intuitive leads (known as the intuition), uniqueness and soul purpose for a more beautiful & happier life-fulfillment…

As we all spread one drop of Love with our Light, many Lights will be touched. And all these drops will fill ponds, into rivers and into oceans. Oceans of eternal Love…

I will manifest my dream in one or another way… and keep on visualizing to manifest…

Love, Irmgard💓


My dream needs earthly input and establishment. If you want to contribute to my dream…: