The truth you live… – Channeling February 6, 2020


Life… you are in this. No matter what… you have to live it. In the best way you can. The everlasting truth is that we are all seeking for a life fulfillment and in one or another way this isn’t easy sometimes as we are driven by the wrong disorientated settings of being. It is therefore necessary to take precautions to make, to find, your best way in life. Life is life. It is as it is. You can stick to this belief and that is okay. You have to accept your life, without predestined caused matters. Life is meant living in the best way you dreamt of. Life is meant to be happy as happiness should be your drive. It is a fact that most of you souls seem rather unhappy in your core of being and that is why the universe rings more and the more the bell by that souls who are meant to be shaken to be awaken. As an awakened mind is the one who supports, who can embrace and who actually can live its soul.

So life is life. It does matter whether you live your own self, your inner being, or not. You have to make the best of your own embodied life that is an earthly goal on itself. You don’t need to accept everything what is going on, what happens to you and worse what people and life does to you. You are born with free will and this free will submits the free choice of being. You are free to choose. Always and ever. It doesn’t count, it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t make sense where you are born, in which settings you are born and in which ethnic background you find yourself. Even religion doesn’t count or other life visions or supportive way of livings. You are you! Beyond any doubts. You are you as you are meant to be based on free will. Free will of choosing, free will of educating, free will of faith, free will of life, free will of striving for that what is called happiness for you. Happiness is very subjective. That is the truth of being as you can put it that way. The meaning of happiness is for everyone different. What makes you happy doesn’t make me happy. And that is okay. We have to respect each other in our choices, without prejudices and without judgments.

Although… free will. Do you live your life based on free will? As this is essential to live your life in the way you want it. You have to be secured of your own free will, free choices and free decisions in life. Your life. You are set birth for to live your own life and not anybody’s other life. Your existence counts, your life matters and most of all you matter. You as a person, a soul, your life and what you carry out in life matters. Universally seen it matters the most when your live your soul. But later on more about that. You matter beyond anything else. You are set birth too with a purpose. It isn’t a coincidence you were born and set foot on your planetary system of being. You are a purposed being. Therefore it is even more important that you are able to choose whatever you like to choose, whatever you like to live and whatever you want to be, carry out or on what way you dedicate your life too. Your own free choices are so important as your own free will, exactly that what drives you, is the only way to make you happy as happiness should always be your drive in life. Inner happiness. The happiness felt on soul level. A happy being lives its life on soul level as happiness, once again said, can and will never be lived with that preoccupied mind of yours.

So, happiness is an inner business. Happiness is something you live with a passionate core of being. Happiness can’t be evoked with that mind of yours. Happiness is a matter of fact universal stuff. We put it like that way as your happiness is a feed for the soul, your happiness is the evolutionary contributive aspect and the inner drive to expand into your own nourishment and evolution of your own being. The soul is driven on happy feed. That is an universal fact. Happiness should be your main drive whatever you do, whatever you live and whatever you carry out in life. A happy core lasts forever. A bit a statement but what we want to say is that once your found your inner happy drive it will feed your soul the utmost and keep you going. Happiness is not only a big feed for the soul as your higher self needs to be fed in the best possible way. But this is subjective as all your unicity defines you and what makes you happy won’t make everybody else happy… Feed is important. As an inner motor, as an inner drive and as a passionate impulse for your own being you have to ensure yourself that happiness is your feed, is your nourishment and will always be your feed. Happiness is an inner empowerment beyond doubt. It should be your drive.

A happy drive, awesome thought, goal and setting. But how can you possibly live your happiness as you are not able to make your own choices, you do not feel that inner freedom and most of all that you will never find your inner satisfaction as long as you live another’s idea of happiness, another’s idea of living or another’s idea of your purposed being? Think about that when you feel, know or realize that you are unhappy. You have to be happy and set your own self-embraced happiness as your main drive, your goal, in life. Only a happy soul can drive and pull you towards your life-fulfillment and nothing else. As we, the universal representatives, proclaim that happiness should be your main goal we mean that you only can find your purpose in life, that soul driven life fulfillment as you realize that your free will matters, your choices matters and your happiness matters. Beyond any doubt of being you have to realize that your purpose is your main task in life. To live the purposed you, carrying it out and making yourself unbelievable happy with doing what you are carrying out. This is true life fulfillment. Do whatever you like to do. The truth of living. Doing what you love to do. The art of living.

The art of living is exactly that what makes you happy and that is the truth too. This make the circle closed and once you start believing in your own free will based core you make steps into the prosperity of your own soul, soul progress and soul life. Soul living, a purposed soul life, is based on your own envisioned idea of happiness. Based on free will. And in that enclose of the thought of being you have to feel what is right for you, what resonates with your core of being and what makes you unbelievable worthy in yourself to carry this out. Carrying out what you want to live is essential for your own happiness. You have to figure out what makes you happy before you can even live this. You have to start feeling what is best for you, what suits your being and what you like to do. The best indicator for your own idea of what suits you the most is to start feeling what lives inside your being. You can actually ask yourself the previsioned, the precautioned and predestined question “do I currently do what makes my soul, my being and myself happy”? Does this make me glow in the dark, sparkle around that you want to give everyone a slice of your own loving passion and the most important question is do you want to live this with passion, motivation and dedication?

Once more… free will! Never forget that. A free will based core will be driven to its passions, its dreams and this inner pull of being will sure enhance your prosper way of the inner self. Your inner self needs to be seen, be heard and most of all be lived. With happiness, with eagerness, with an everlasting drive to carry this out. Based on… you already know this isn’t it? But do you live this? You had dreams isn’t it? May be decades ago, as a child, but you had dreams. What did you dream of? What happened meanwhile, living your life, that you stopped dreaming? What makes you believe that you can’t, stopped dreaming and more of this is that you lost your faith in your own dreams. Isn’t that a pity!?! You are meant to dream, you are meant to have faith in your own dreams and passions and sure it is meant to be that you make your dreams come true. And that is an universal truth too. Dreams have to be lived and you, as an embodied soul, may have the precautioned state of mind to believe that your dreams aren’t worthy living but actually they are. They do matter! Sure they do. It is your own preoccupied setting of the mind, what withholds you in its own anxieties, that you lost faith, you lost your empowerment and most of all the passion to follow these dreams. You are meant to improvise, to research, to mold your own dreams, passions and everything you can think of on the moment it makes you eager, it makes you passionate and motivated to live your dreams. To carry out your envisioned passions. With an inflamed soul.

The truth of life is the one you live. You can only live your own truth, as mentioned above, with an own inner free will based core, with happy nourishment heading up to chasing, living and carrying out your own dreams. This is so evidently necessary, worthy and foreseen. At least start seeing this. Start feeling and implement this feeling in your own self. Align the mind behind your dreams and passionate soul and make sure you ever live your own truth. Living exactly what makes you happy and nobody else…

Love, Irmgard💛