The call of your soul – Channeling december 3, 2019

The effortlessly belief of what you know is, is what you live. You live what you know. You live what you believe in. That is a truth. An universal truth of your own wisdom. A devastating truth sometimes as that what you believe isn’t the actual truth. The truth of your own being. Be aware, just realize, that your preoccupied thoughts may lead you the other way to what is universally foreseen. Your thoughts are the mind blocker. The blocker of your own prosperous way. The divine path. The path of your soul. Your precious soul.

You with your humanly mind are so preoccupied with all that thoughts. You even live in a preoccupied society nowadays. You have to do this, you have to do that. Even your time, the earthly time, limits your being in most outstanding way. As time is a soul collapsing and limiting instructed earthly manner to keep you going. That is okay. In one or another way structure is necessary in life but on the other hand it narrates, limits and blocks your soul to expand in a way what is divinely foreseen. You are so preoccupied, so eager to follow, your thoughts. Your mind. It is the only belief you live. Apart from that handful of souls who are really dedicated and surrendered to their soul, soul mission and live a purposed, soul directed, life. Most of you are stuck in your own minds, your own beliefs and your own narrowed vision in life. It is time to loosen a bit up and let the mind for what it is. A humanly thing to keep you going in the earthly surroundings of your dimension. Your dimensionary groundings for being. Your embodied being. Don’t let yourself narrowed anymore as in the limiting of your own thoughtful thinking, that preoccupied mind thing, you are dedicated to follow and to let your life be directed by this leads, lies the universal narration. Of your souls wish to expand into loveness into the lightened path of the souls evolutionary path known as the stairway to enlightenment.

Your soul is so eager to expand into its root full core that its longing to do this can be felt in your heart chamber of being. It can give you a rush, a unexplainable desire to change or even an undeniable longing, an undeniable miscomprehension or unsatisfactory core. If this is the case your soul is expanding in its eagerness to dive into its prosperous way to a desirable wish to enlarge its possibilities. To expand itself according to its universal plan of being. The plan, the blueprint, you are born with. In this plan you can find your original rooting and the cadres of your life. Within these cadres your soul will, as this is foreseen and this will unfold and reveal itself further along your soul path, to expand into its divine assignment known as your soul purpose. The purpose in life. If you are not living your purpose yet, that is possible, as the moment differs along everybody’s own missionary soul expansion and that is okay, you can feel, experience on and in a particular stage in life a unexplainable desire to change. You can ask yourself questions “is this it?” or “does this make me happy?” Even “do I have to do this the rest of my life?” When such questions pop up or pass by you better make sure you understand this as the call of the soul. If you don’t recognize this call, and that is possible too, it might be inconvenient sometimes but the universe isn’t the universe to wake and shake you up. Sometimes a bit harsh but if you won’t listen properly to your souls wish to expand into its loving core we have to do something to make you aware of the fact that you better start listening to your soul, its longing for evolvement and it expansion drift to follow its own path in life and not that path your mind wants you to walk. The mind overrules the soul and that can be very contradictionary in your own feelings. It even can give you an unbalanced self and an unhappy time of your life. Sometimes it takes a while to realize what actually is going on and that is okay. It is not about the speed of your processes but it is rather about the steps you take. It is and it will ever be about the process you walk, how you realize this and what your learn during this evolutionary walk and it never will be about the destination of your path. In other words the path, the lessons you learn meanwhile, the expansionary drift of your gifts, your natural born gifts, are far more important than the actual destination. It is all about evolution, soul evolution, never forget that and underestimate the value of this evolving process for your soul. The value, the universal value lies in the expansion and never in what you think you want, you think you want to go or even not in your own wish to do this or do that.

When you surrender yourself to your soul call, always based on free will, voluntary after your implementation of the soul call or your ‘shaken to awaken moments of being’, you instinctively know what to do, where to go for and to make that change into the prosperity, the happiness of your soul. Something had to change and you know that. Nevertheless, the steps to change are scary and maybe you have or had fears, anxieties and leaving your comforted zone is not the most easiest step you have to make or had to take. Just realize that we will support you along your path and accompany your souls wish to expansion and its eagerness to dive into its own uniqueness. You are an unique creature. One of a kind and this soul knowledge will push you further along your path. It isn’t an easy path but life isn’t easy at all sometimes as all the things what your being needs will be presented to you, served to you in its sweetest way but also in the harshest times of being. That is also soul evolvement, soul movement and learning abilities of your beloved soul. But just know there is always a reason for everything you have to deal with, to live for or what you have suffered for. It seems rather harsh, universally harshness, although you might feel this it is all based on Love. To let your soul evolve. To let your soul learn. To let your soul grow. Into its prosperous core of being. Soul evolution is the universal greatest eagerness for your soul.

The intuitive you knows where to go. In your mind full being, in the preoccupied mind state, you lost your rooting. Your soul rooting and it might be possible that you do not recognize your own intuitive leads anymore as the mind has overruled your souls voice for so long. For decades and you didn’t realize that. That is fine. You are only human and you are on the earth school to learn and to dive into your own soul evolvement. There is nothing wrong that you lost track. So many souls do that. Loosing itself in the mind, the ego mind, whilst their soul longs for the right path, the evolutionary path of existence. Don’t be so harsh on yourself as this is all a part of the plan. Your plan. Be mild. Embrace the process. Go along with it. Do not think anything about it. Just go with the flow and one day you recognize that inner voice of yours. As we help you with that too. This inner voice is the voice of the heart and soul and we speak right through you. Let yourself be helped by us on your path. it will ease you up, it will let you flow more and the things are falling more easy into place. Just realize that that your inner voice is your lead. Now, then, always. The inner universal lead for being. You just have to keep the mind of. As the mind comes is it will overrule your first impression, you intuitive leads and it will narrate you on the way what is, universally seen, undesirable, despicable and highly unwanted… The intuitive, the intuition, knows. Always. No doubt about that. It is you, with your preoccupied, overruling mind who give the doubts. You have to trust on your inner guidance, dare to rely on it and in the evolutionary wish to rely and trust on your inner guidance the more and the more you will be helped to trust and surrender to the intuition. It is a natural process and it goes along the souls wish to expand into loveness. Just go along and you know what to do, where to go and what makes your soul happy. The truth of being is the one you live. You better make sure you live your own truth of being with your soul, guided by the intuition, to make not only your soul happy but yourself too. And that is a real big step into your own soul process. To start with. Go for that happiness and live your own rooted soul. It is rooted in the universal Love and in the universal Light. The conscious you knows this. Go along sweet soul. Progress into the prosperity of your soul. Happiness narrated by the intuitive you. How awesome!

Love, Irmgard🧡