Ten things to remember when you have been shaken to awaken by the universe… to love your soul, to walk its path and to reveal its beautiful core of being – Channeling December 17, 2019


– Well. Soul processes take time. Earthly time. Just take one step at the time
– Look carefully in the mirror of self-reflection. A soul who knows self has to dive deep into retrospection to meet itself in essence
– Be eager to learn. To learn into the prosperity of being. Your being
– Set happiness as your goal. You inner accomplishment of being. As a happy being makes life worthy, worthful and remember… a happy being is worth to be seeing!
– Surrender to your processes, path and soul into the most adequate way
– Make yourself common with the intuitive you. Start listening to your intuition. As voice of the soul it knows where to go
– Make sure you unfold your talents. Your unique gifts. Start developing them and contribute them to the world
– Your soul is pushing you forward. Don’t be afraid to step into another zone of being, meeting others and get acquainted with the new things what cross your path
– Be adaptive. Be open minded. To changes. To new desires, longings and a new passion. Driven by the soul
– Never forget that you are not too young, old or dysfunctional to live your soul and its dreams. As the universe, and certainly your plan, isn’t limited by boundaries like age

Good luck! Bon chance! The path of the soul is a wonderful path and the magic of the universe is unknown when it concerns your soul evolvement, its path and its highly foreseen contribution to the world.

Love, Irmgard🧡