Start looking at yourself – Channeling December 2, 2019

I am as I am. You are as you are. In the evocation of truth you think you are not. But you are. Just listen to us. It is your mind who thinks you aren’t. You are! As a soul. No doubt you are. In energy that is for sure. But you are, on the current moment, also embodied. In the embodied state you certainly are. Why do you keep on thinking you aren’t? You are so worthful. Worthful of your own being. Of the universal gatherings of being too. You are beyond any measure. You are an enormous universal contributive aspect to the universal energies. Every soul is. We want to emphasize that every soul has its contribution and is. So do you. It is the mind who keeps on telling you that you don’t. That you are unworthy, unseen, ignored, rejected or maybe more. In fact there is no such thing as ignorance and rejection. As you see it and can feel it on an universal level. You with your unicity… you are one of a kind. How can we overlook you? Not see you or even ignore you? That is not possible as your unicity defines you. Now, then, ever! You are not overlooked by us. You never will. It is so humanly to think you are overlooked.

It is also very humanly to overlook anyone else. As you are hardly aware of your own contribution, as maybe you ignore your own worth and contribution, you consciously or subconsciously overlook -we put it neat that is why we do not use the word ignore or rejection for the overlooking aspect of being-, others. If you do so, that is possible, we have no meaning about that. You are all on the earth school to evolve in the higher state of being and as life is one big learning process you might do so but that is okay. For a while we reconsider. That is why we want to emphasize although the worth of not overlooking yourself. As if you have the habit to overlook yourself, to forget or not worthify yourself you are not able to worthify others on their soul contribution. Their soul contributive aspect to the greater whole. The whole of existence. You are so worthy! You should not forget that.

In the vastening of your pains and disbelief but also the ‘hunger’ to surround you with the memories of these harsh periods, times of memorization you dwell into the forgetfulness of your own worth. Forget the pains. Forget the past. It is done. It was, it might be harsh but you, and your beloved soul, have to move on. You sure learned of it and in the dwelling, into the soaking of the grief, the tears and the disbelief that this happened to you might set yourself stuck into your own dwelling thought. Your own compelling and repeating thought. Excuse us, although we can imagine your pains, the tears and the sorrow… it won’t lead to anything. And as you look deeply inside, you know that too. In the dwelling lies the hiccup time. In the feeling sorry for yourself time lies the delay. Rather than that in the vastening of your own thoughts and in the ‘nag time’ of feeling sorry too lies the delay. The limitation of your movement.

You have to move on, sweet soul. You have to keep on going. Even in the heaviest period of your life, in the most devastating and shocking moments of truth you have to keep on going. As standing still is never and never will be an option. You know that too, deeply inside and your sweet soul knows that too. You can’t fool and play with your soul. As your soul knows. Always. It has a preprogrammed desire to expand into loveness. Into the Light energies of the universal common wealth of being. That is why, when you once feel stuck into something, varying from pain, harsh things to loneliness, that you feel frustrated perhaps about yourself that you won’t move anymore or that your movement, your currently process(es) are moving too slowly. You are. You definitely are. Also in that kind, typical humanly, period of life. In the time for being. You have to sweeten yourself up with the belief that you aren’t stuck anymore and that you are so worthful. In what kind of situation you are, in what period you reside or in what harsh period in your life you are into. You have to keep on moving and see your own worth, contributive aspect and in this all you should be able to embrace yourself. In the loving embracement of self lies the self-worth. The self-acknowledging fact of being. That you are a beautiful creature. No matter what. As in the definition of yourself lies the definition of others. In the overlooking aspect of yourself lies the overlooking aspect of others.

Let’s talk about rejection, ignoring and set others apart issue once more. Not to point fingers to you. That is, and never will be, our intention. When you overlook yourself or you can hardly look to yourself it is much easier for your humanly dualistic aspect of your embodied self to draw your attention to others. If you look hard enough to others you haven’t and aren’t necessarily drawn to yourself. How convenient is that!?! That is easy peasy, isn’t it? Mostly of the time it is about that. In fact, we are very honest with you now, you are afraid to look to yourself. As the reflection on your own might shake you in your vast belief of your own truth. Of existence. And, we sure understand that, can be very revealing, refreshing too, but that is something else, but mostly the truth of yourself can be very shocking! Therefore it is much easier to look to others. In the ignoring aspect of them, in the rejection of others lies the ignorance and abusively rejection of your own self. We are sorry to say that but that is how we see this. You overlook yourself completely.

Start seeing yourself and stop pointing fingers to others, set them apart with your own disbelief of your truth, self-worth and lack of self-esteem. Do not only set others apart but stop setting yourself apart. You are an unique creature. So wortified by the universal energies. Your dualistic side of your humanity makes you think that you are more, you are more adapted to the humanly society or even you might think you are “normal”. But who defines that? You with you lack of self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem??? You are the one who reject yourself and in this ignorance of your own self-knowledge you believe you are a holy being. But you aren’t. We can say that. Think of that the next time you judge, point fingers to anyone or put yourself above anyone else. Good luck! Start embracing yourself and don’t forget to see, to look and to give yourself that slice of universal Love.

Love, Irmgard❤️