Soul satisfaction – Channeling November 9, 2019

You are a purposed being. That is for sure. But most of you are searching. Searching for inner relief, inner excitement or inner satisfaction. Some of you are searching for inner enlightenment. It is all possible. We certainly have no meaning about what you search. What our belief is, is irrelevant as we are gathering in energy. We do not have a conscious being. Therefore we only tell you what we know. In our soul wisdom. In our soul knowledge. As the soul is a library of the soul. Yours souls all are, in one way or another, a library of the soul. In the search, whatever you search for in life with your humanly adaptation is one thing very clear. You can’t search with your mind! And that is the most unbelievable miscomprehended belief there is. You can’t fulfill your needs with the mind as your soul is hungry. Hungry to be fed. Hungry to live its purpose. Its universal purpose of being. Hungry to dive into the eagerness and necessity of soul evolution. Your soul is hungry! Subconsciously hungry.

You never be able to and you never will be able to still this universal hunger of being, to satisfy your soul, with all that mind driven things your mind wants. Your adaptation wants. Real inner hunger, the real soul call, can only be fed and stilled by the soul itself. That is the main reason why so many of you keep on searching and won’t find that everlasting satisfaction. Perhaps you are satisfied and reasonly happy for a short amount of time but your soul knows, and we also know, that this temporarily satisfaction will be over. Someday. It cost you effort, this costs you energy, this costs you maybe another disappointment and even you continuously repeat this vicious circle in life. The everlasting unsatisfied you. Deeply felt in your core. That nagging, compelling unreasonably feeling that it is never enough. Never satisfying after all, and most of all the unhappy feeling of being stays there. Deep inside your own feelings of knowing. Deeply anchored in your soul.

We say, and will emphasize that, that a soul call or even soul hunger can’t be and never will be satisfied, will be wiped away with an evoked mind idea, understanding or effortlessly try to satisfy your own being. You miss the point by this. You miss the change to dive deeply inside to feel what your being, your beloved soul, really wants. What it really needs. As long as you keep on searching with your minds you won’t fulfill that need of being. You won’t satisfy the universal call of evolvement. Evolving your soul to the maximum of its possibilities. To develop your soul to the highest potential of being. And let us tell you: you have potential! You have a great soul potential. Nevertheless, most of you aren’t aware, consciously aware, of this great potential of being. That is a pity. It really is. That is why we keep on telling, keep on pointing (without fingers) to your souls wish, its call and its desire the dive into the deep encountered universal desireful wish, will, to expand into its own potential of being. Real soul satisfaction is lived and is learned on soul level and never, we repeat never, on mind level. With your humanly minds.

We do not proclaim to get rid of your minds. No we won’t. It is a vast and steady evolutionary component of your humanly existence and that is okay. In this evolutionary concept of being we want to emphasize you, beautiful earthly souls, on the fact that you are an universal being. Highly rooted in the universal Love and Light. With such a beautiful core in your humanly existence, with its extreme inner potential, with this beautiness inside, it is highly universally demanding that you live your soul. To the maximum of its talented potential. The inner unsatisfied you will remain unsatisfied as long as you decide, you follow, you let your minds rule. Soul satisfaction can and never will be obtained with the desires, the will and the eagerness of your mind. Search whatever you want to search but it won’t give you what you need. On soul level. As soon as you start following your intuition, as universal guided ‘humanly tool of being’ you will certainly be wiser in the steps you take, the leads you follow and the decisions you make. The intuition is highly empowered by the universal will of knowing, of guidance and of understanding the needs and the expanding wish of your souls desire to evolve into the highest goods, into the highest potential of being. Never ever influence this needs, this leads, with your mind. The mind is a great interfere, a great distractor and a huge overruling humanly contribution. But remember you are all on your path. The path of existence. The path of learning. On the earth school of being. There is no right neither a wrong. Just learning moments. To let your soul learn into its prosperity of being. Of learning skills of moments and of durations. In happiness, in pains, but also in prosperity and abundance. You will all receive it, it will all be served and it will all be lived as a part of your universal soul plan.

This plan knows, we know as universal representatives and definitely your soul knows as a part of the universal gathering of energetical beings. The time that you are embodied is limited so make the best of it. We suggest, as making the best of it is not sharing yourself behind and following your mind completely, to try to follow your soul. You get and will receive universal help by that transition. Never doubt about that. Your soul evolution has our priority. Beyond any doubts. You just have to rely on your soul the more and the more and dare to trust your intuitive leads of being, highly voiced and empowered by the universal will of being based on your particular soul plan or even a soul contract. Dare, dare and dare to rely on the intuition. Dare to trust not only on the intuition but on every universal lead you receive. Once your soul feels its call, has been shaken to be awaken, it sure knows its path in the earthly embodied surroundings of being and it sure remembers, in its soul memory -energetical soul memory- its wish to expand, its wish to let your soul learn but also its desire to expand and radiate its potential of being. You shouldn’t block this beautiful process with your mind. Your minds of being. You put yourself in limitations and block that beautiful evolutionary path of being and in its universal radiance of being.

So once again… soul satisfaction can never be evoked, lived and comprehended with your mind. Your humanly desireful mind of being. So… if you are unhappy in life, you feel yourself unsatisfied in the deepest desires of your being make sure you understand what is going on. Instead of hanging on to a temporally satisfaction of being make sure you feel it on soul level what you really need and strive for a long life satisfaction… Your soul knows, the mind doesn’t. Light your being up with its needs, its desires and follow the need for expansion. The strive for soul satisfaction on the level your humanly embodied you needs… Think of that!

Love, Irmgard❤️