Soul nudeness… Channeling January 11, 2020

I am down under. I was. I certainly was. Now I am back. In full glory. I saw myself. The universe shook me awake and mirrored my being to the bottom of its core, faced the truth and made me aware of who I am. Was from the start. Nowadays I can embrace my being to the utmost. The processes weren’t very nice so far but all I faced, all I saw of myself, the knowledge, the truth, the inner self, made me realize that it was worth being shaken until I was awake…


Awakening isn’t something you can evoke with the mind. Awakening isn’t something you can force into your being, awakening is something what happens. On soul level. The moment your soul gets its universal input, to be waken, you will be shaken until your start to realize that it is time (what is time…? Call it the exact universal moment) to be trembled into your deeper core to peel off all that layers life put around your being. Awakening is highly preoccupied in your soul plan and even your soul contract too. If your soul has one. Your shaken to be awaken time is all universally arranged and never be evoked, lived and as said pushed with that mind of yours. When your soul wants to live itself it wants to live itself. There is no such thing as an universal call what can be lived by the mind. It is all soul business. Soul work on soul level. This is mindlessly free work and you have to let your mind off. But you humans are all so mind driven we intend to say that it is unlikely to be egolessly free of all. You have to be shook into your ego self to get acknowledged with the fact you have a soul too. It is the soul who drives you and not the other way around. Your soul is universally seen the highest good of being and not that ego thing of yours what drives you insane sometimes.


The soul needs soul work. There is no other way to put it down. To do it. You have to get rid of that ego minded pedestal of yours, if you have any, before you can be pointed and directed to your soul. Sometimes you fall hard and even that is universally arranged. Conform soul plans and even soul contracts too. You are the one to be awaken. You have to get acquainted with your own inner core, the soul, of being. You have to feel that to unleash the burdens, the pains and the deep wounds, all layered into the time of being during life-time, decades, to unlayer, to undo yourself of that layers of deep recovering. Recovering of pain, harshness, tears and/or grief. It stands, sometimes, as a thick layered brick wall. A concrete fortress to keep you going. To keep you moving. But, dear one, do you think you can continue moving, walking and even running through life with that “bricolage” carrying you??? With that heavy backpack of thickness, of layers of bricks, a non-accessible fortress of being? One day you will bend your knees and legs during the weight and you will fall into depression or having a burn-out. Is that what you want? Soaking into your own fortress of being without standing straight? Isn’t it likely to undo yourself of the heavy weight of being, of pains and unleash yourself of all that thick carriage…???


You can’t live your soul with all that heaviness, with that bricks around your heart and being. You have to undo yourself of all that extremities of heavy loaded weight. Of all that layers of being and peel that layers one by one off. It isn’t an easy process but certainly worth doing, trying and living. The universe never promised your soul you has an easy time here in your embodied being. Evolvement, soul evolvement, is hard work and work what needs full access to your soul. Before you even can live your soul you have to face yourself into the depth and bit by bit unreveal yourself and with every step you make, with every move you make, you get rid of that huge foundation, that collection, of self-collected bricks, pains and memorized pain points on your soul. Your soul needs to be cleared up, cleaned up and be refreshed by letting go of the issues what make your soul so heavy burdened and yourself too.


Soul cleaning isn’t the most easy process and it can take a while before you have cleaned your soul so far that you can actually live your soul. Time is nada. So take your time. And remember as long as it concerns soul processes, soul love or soul evolutionary stuff, matters or work time is nothing. As you see it in an universal context of being. Time is manmade. Invented to carry you along in the earthly surroundings but on universal level time doesn’t mean anything. Time will collapse as soon as your soul comes in. Soul work is evolutionary work and needs a step by step unfolding in most occasions. Nevertheless it can be an immense roller coaster once you stepped in the coaster called “Huge Soul Ride”! Despite of the work, all the effort it is worth to make your soul your goal in your life. To make yourself, your being, worthful to live. You have to go back to your essence of being, without that thickness, without that stone walls you and your mind put around your heart and soul. Soul work means that you lead yourself to an open heart with full accessibility to your soul.


The naked soul needs to be revealed and in this nudeness of your soul, its longing to live itself in the most dedicated, purposeful and potential way, it needs to be pushed into its essential settings of being. Of universal programming. Of universal standardized settings of your unicity. The uniqueness of your soul. It needs to be remembered of its universal pre-coding and needs to be decoded again. Into its universal energy, with the help of the universal energies and with the help of many, many, dedicated unembodied souls. Light beings. All with a task in the universal gathering of energies to unfold your being to its core. Its final settings of being. You never have to walk your path, your soul path, alone. There is a huge team of spiritual help to accompany you on your recovering, on your return to soul base path and to help you to live your highest potential of being. Soul work is team work and you have the unconditional help of the universal energies. In all the magic possibilities there are. But certainly you have to do this by yourself. On your own. In your planetary context of being. Unlayering is hard work, the peel off the burdened layers of being, to let your soul show itself without any thickness. So start over. Once shaken into being and dare to reveal, unfold and reflect your essence. To let its shining, dashing and radiant core glim, bloom and show… Sure you are able to do this! Keep the mind off as long as it concerns soul work, get rid of your ego (pedestal) and dive in the unlimited desire, chances and path of the soul. It is your essential being who wants to live itself and not the mind. Go along and dare to show yourself in your unicity. Make your life (more) purposeful and dive into retrospection of what makes you, what makes you happy and make you unique. Okay!?!
Love, Irmgard❤️