Is your life rather plain…? Live your soul! – Channeling February 4, 2020


When everything seems rather plain, you have a lot to gain as long as you believe, live and embrace your soul. You are a soul worthy creature. Amongst all of the everlasting immaturity of your own soul growth you  have to be vast in your believe and surrender to your soul as in the acceptance and surrender lies the biggest growth, the trustworthiness and the most qualified development of your soul. It is not how much you gain as long you make progress. Progress is evidently the most important thing as you measure it in achievement. In the universal measurement we mean. As long as it takes is never an universal issue. As time isn’t an universal thing. Time is an earthly matter and universal processes are all matched in the divine timing. You can actually see this as universal moments of being, of expanding and/or soul growth. Soul growth is the one your soul is dedicated to. Programmed to in its most sweetest content of being. Empowered by the universal energies, empowered by star energy and of course empowered by the universal pillars, roots, of being. The great universal well of Light and Love.

You in your sweetest surrender you have so much to gain! Life isn’t, if you live it on soul  level, never plain. Life is never meant to be plain. Life is full of challenges, movement and acquaintances. Not only with self but with moments to make your soul learn, evolve and bring it to its highest level of potential, but also with meetings. Meetings to touch your soul, where it may be touched, moments of sweet content too as soul evolution is not only meeting in the sweetest way but also in the hardest way of being. Meeting people, meeting chances and meeting self is one way up to an elevating, uplifting, state of being. We do not measure in status or whatever… We measure in soul light and the Love your soul radiate to others.

You are meant to evolve in the highest state of being, your highest possible potential and that potential is already there! You just have to dive deep into reflection, in the revelation of self, to see this natural born potential, called talents, your uniqueness, and embrace it the most you can. In the self-embracement, the self-love, the self-worthiness of being you are meant to acknowledge your own self, your own self-employed you, the own self consideration, the great awareness of self. The potent you is meant to be. Not to be annoyed, to be stuck up, not meant to be standing still in your own empowerment of being. You are meant to embrace yourself, your potential, your unicity and move along with this acknowledgement. You are here to evolve into the cadres  of your own plan. Into the cadres of your own contract to spread your uniqueness out. To the world. Life is not meant to be plain. Life sure isn’t meant to stick to the old and be comforted in your own shaped comforted zone of being. There is no, universally seen, comforted state of being. Life is living! Life is evolvement and sure life is living your soul. In its most peculiar, own and self-employed way of being.

There never is a right or wrong. There even never is something you lose. As long as it concerns your soul, its path and your soul evolution you can’t lose, you can’t be wrong or right as these moments of total despair sometimes may be seen as, on universal level, learning moments. To lift your being up into the energetical frequencies of the universe. You are challenged, in your pre-programmed soul, to be challenged in the most encountered way there is. To let your soul make that steps into prosperity, abundance and soul evolution. As the soul evolutionary path is the one you walk with grace, dignity, as well as with doubts. Sure you are just human, but also with an untamed passion, an untamed pull, push, from the inside out to live your soul and to carry its being out in the most prosperous foreseen way there is. The universal way isn’t meant to give you all that pain, harshness, grief or whatever you can deal or cope with, the universal way is to let your soul grow into its own programmed cadres. And even you might consider, doubt or be anxious… that’s okay. As in these emotions, human emotionairy state of being, you learn too, process too and make the best learning steps, meet the best learning moments too. Never forget that when you are in a moment of (total) despair if your life will going to flow once again, will face better times and wants, in its eagerness to be happy again, it will meet the positivity again.

In the preoccupations of the mind, better said, (we especially made this remark now) is that your mind has its habit, the strange habit, to meet itself in negativity. It has a great preference for the negativity, shortly said. We can’t do nothing about your humanly mind. You have to accept this nagging preference onto the negative way of thinking. Nevertheless to make it easier for you, your soul and your soul processes too it should be better, more easy going, if you should set your mind -the set of your mind- on a sunny preference of being. In the evocation of all that negativity lies the hiccup of the moment and in the repetitive state of the mind the evoke yourself, your mind, does the negativity dwell all along. As in the negative encounters, the negative mindset of being lasts -lies- the downfall of the moment. Meanwhile, this is said now, you learn too! But never forget that once your mind is set, is pointed to the negativism of a moment, hiccup of memory it will draw more negativity to you. In the negative energy you send out, while doing this, and that is so humanly therefore we understand why you do this, you attract a negative manifestation to you too. In fact your mind, that preoccupied setting, that nagging preference, holds you into that negative bubble of being. So if you really want a breakthrough in your life you have to get rid of that negative withdraw of the mind.

Sure, this won’t be easy. Although this takes some practice, some effort to implement  this in your being you will gain so much. Especially when your life is rather plain. Lose the plain, set the mind on positivity and start living what you want to live. You choose! Every single earthly day again you can choose. Choose where to go, what to live and even with whom you live. It is up to you. It is you who make it happen. It is you who make the choices. It is you who live, or start living, your dreams. Let’s talk about dreams… Do you have dreams? Do you? How sweet is that! Why complaining, being disillusioned by life even have the feeling to be fallen apart of worse to be totally unhappy and sinking in that sinkhole of your life complaining that your life is rather plain as you even don’t dare, don’t take steps to live your dreams??? Isn’t that a contradictionary in your own vast rusted belief of your own preoccupied thoughts of being? Isn’t it that you can start, as said, each single earthly day again facing the sunrise in the early mornings in your domestic environment to make that decision, that one step, that choice to make your life complete different, to live your dreams.

Aren’t you something? The sky is open and sure not the limit! Your own thoughts, the setting of your mind, the preoccupied envisioned own thoughts of being are the hiccups, causes the delay or even worse (sorry about that) makes you believe that you can’t live your dreams! How awesomely stupid. Isn’t it stupid, as a great deed of stupidity too, that you have all what your soul seeks is already there, all your potential is inside your being and your uniqueness is there to grab and live. It is so universally unworthy to live, to keep on living, that mind of yours. Again and again. Over and over. What has to happen to make you realize that your life is far from plain as you start listening to your precious soul and its dedicated, passionate belief and effort to live itself.  Now… what are you going to do? To keep on complaining, keep on nagging or are you so eager to make that turn, that twist in life, to make your life more happy, radiant and flowing. Leave that plainness, leave that comforted zone (that false security zone of yours what makes you believe, the mind does (your mind does) that it is so secure to stick there until you are “rusted, rotten and fallen apart” of plainness, of complaining and from boringness… Well as said you choose!

May be we are a bit harsh in our pronunciations but sometimes we have to be clear to you souls to be understood in the most dedicated and understandable way there is. Clear universal talk.  That is it. Clear for you? Is your life rather plain… just realize you have to gain by thinking differently, to make that envisioned, soul inspired, steps and to make progress on your soul evolutionary path of being. You are the navigator of your own life. But navigate your life with the soul, your higher self of being, and not anymore (we intended to say never but that mind is a humanly part of yours) with that nagging mind. That negative motor of your humanly self. Walking your soul path is, will and will never be plain. That is what you have to remember. The rest is yours. If there are questions left… Your intuitive you knows all the answers. You just have to start listening. Start listening and stop complaining. Embrace self, give yourself that huge part of Love and start listening to your soul, its intuitive leads and be determined to live its path… All you need therefor is already there. Inside yourself as your higher self knows its path, knows its potential and sure knows its uniqueness… Now you who needs to understand this. Good luck!

Love, Irmgard