Happy souls – Channeling November 8, 2019

Happy are those who seek for inner freedom. In the revelation of your soul you will find your real purpose of life. The purpose of the soul. This lead of the soul will guide you along your path of being. You just have to follow. Your inner riches, your inner richness, your inner glory. That radiant sun of yours. An unrevealed heart is an unrevealed soul. Your heart is the seat of the soul and it hosts your being in the warm chambers of your loving heart. In the openness of being you will find your treasure. You inner shining diamond of being. Make sure you live your humanly form of existence with an open heart as in the heart full you lies the eagerness of your soul, the space of being, the radiancy to evolve into your own purposed being. An awesomely thought of being! An awesomely thought of existence.

Surrender to your being, surrender to your soul and walk its path in dedication, with Love, with motivation and passion. As in this combined effort, the effort of being, you will be lead. Lead by the universe. As the universal guidance only can reach you properly in the openness of your heart. When the soul has showed itself in the revelation of your unfolding truth of existence. Make sure you listen well to the intuition as voice of your beloved heart and precious soul. In this dedicated trueness of your being you know where to go, what to follow and the path will be more clear the more you walk on it. Just walk it. Go along and make your soul the head master, the perpetuator (they mean: author!) of your life. The narrator of your existence. As your soul knows. Always. As the intuition knows. Always. An intuitive you is led, as said, by the universal gathering of joint-ventures. In the intuitive universal leads of the common wealth of Light & Love. Just do not think about that. It is as it is. The universal plan of Love, The Great Plan of love, is the plan of the universal joint ventures of many, many loving dimensions. But that goes too far for the now. Just know that the contributive aspect of your soul to the universal gathering of energies, the common wealth of combined loving energies who contribute to the Light, are enormously important.

Yes, your existence is enormously important. Not as a human we mean. But on soul level. Souls are meant to evolve. Your soul too. And the contributive part of your soul is also a part, an energetical part of the great wealth, the common wealth, of the universe. Don’t underestimate your contribution, your contributive aspect of being to this energetical gathering of existence. In vibrations, in energy but most of all into the Light and Love of the universe. The universal combined energies. Of the great well. The source of all. You might think you are just a drop. Yes, you are. But ALL drops count! As drops fill ponds, ponds will fill rivers, rivers will fill oceans. All is connected you know. And your drop is a connective, contributive, drop too! So don’t think, and that is the issue of soul evolution, you think too much with that mind of yours, and you follow your minds too much. Soul evolution can’t be done with that mind of yours. You have to open up, follow the intuition and your soul to make that contribution to the greater good of being.

Well for so long. We have a lot to tell. We will tell more and more and in the stream of words there will be more and more revealed. As it is time, earthly time we mean as universally seen time doesn’t exist, to explain, to reveal the universal magic in a tiny slice of being. As in these transformation days, the earth is and will be uplifted in energy to another dimensional frequency of being, of existence, we want to reveal more and the more the (magic) mysteries of the universe. To make it easier, to give you an explanation about the transformative uplift of the frequency of souls and your dimension. As the mystery of the soul isn’t a mystery at all, you know. It is the mind who set you apart of the soul. Long time ago. As you were all born strongly rooted, with that consistent being of yours, into the universal gathering of energies. It is the mind who set you apart. Your soul knows. Always. You just have to be freshen up in your knowledge, you just have to seek your inner wisdom again and you just have to be awaken to follow your intuition (once again). So let us explain and help you to find your own “universal mystery of being back” and go along with it.

Love, Irmgard❤️