Starseed children – Received 27 October, 2018

INTRO (not channeled):

Recently I received universal words about star seed children. If you recognize yourself in these lines do remember it’s always okay how you’re! It’s okay that you feel, like you feel! If you have a soul mission into the Light to bring the LOVE to our planet surrender to this loving task, accept your uniqueness, your talent(s) and try to stay grounded on the earthly soil!

Love, Irmgard❤️

Starseed children are children of Love and Light that have been sent to earth, planet earth, with a special mission in their soul. In the gathering of wisdom of their souls, the soul contains a library of wisdom of star seed knowledge. They upheld an enormous wisdom, experience and an energetical subconsciousness. They are driven, motivated and empowered by Light. They are empowered, motivated and driven by Love. Like the pillars of our dimension of Light and Love.

Their souls come around everywhere in the universe. Other dimensions. But all of dimensions of Love. Empowered en motivated by the Light. In the gathering of the outcome of energetical dust, stardust, they seek for knowledge. Their souls travel often between dimensions to feed their souls with (more) knowledge, wisdom and prosperous outcomes. These highly positive souls contain a lot of Light and Love in their beautiful souls. Their task is to uplift the shift of the planet. The entire frequency of the planet measured in vibrations and resonances. They bring Love and Light! To enlighten the planet. To open hearts and to lift souls into their purest and greatest potential.

We are all Starseeds! When your soul contains enough Light and Love in their core. In their inner source of awareness. But not everyone is here with a mission. When you are a star seed, you just know. One day into the dust of your inner revelation. When your essence, your soul, wants to meet its purpose. Starseeds are fed with Light. Starseeds are fed by Love. In their humanely form, outer appearance, they seek for being ‘common’, a ‘normal life’ but that is often not possible. Starseeds don’t fit in planet earths society properly, but it depends where the seed has landed. In some cultures it is more difficult than in other cultures to maintain their ‘extravagant’ their different way of behavior, of being, of knowledge and wisdom.

There is nothing special ‘being a Starseed’!!! A child of the universe what works into the Light. For Love. All souls come to earth with a mission. A soul mission. The purpose of the soul. Don’t even think, as you’re a Starseed, that you’re special! You’re all sourced and empowered by the universe! So when you think you’re special although, your ego (mind) gets in. And that’s not Starseed like! We do not feed our star children with ego. But we feed them with Love. Lots of Love. We feed them with Light. Lots of Light. When you’re a real ‘star seed’ we do take care of you in the best way we can so that the star child concerned can carry out their task as good as possible. As adequate and loving as possible. We do take care of every soul. Sure when you live your soul and follow your soul path. Your own specific soul mission. You act in Love, for Love and with Love! We act in Love, for Love and with Love! Because we repeat, emphasize, LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. On your planet, in our dimension, in the universe!!! There are different dimensions with different pillars. We only talk about Love and loving dimensions!!!

When you’re a Starseed you never walk alone! You’re surrounded by many light beings. Supported by many guides, helpers and other light beings. Other souls. Once your soul, and its true purpose, has been revealed and the soul plan has been unfolded we smoothen your path so that you can carry out your mission in the best possible way there is. We take care of you. We love to take care of you. Of and for all people. But a Starseed child has to be enabled to do its task.

Starseeds are highly aligned with the universe. Your mediumistic skills are far beyond others. You are directly connected with the source. The source of Al. Of all. Your frequency is standard very high but you can pick up any range you like. We like. We see through your eyes to make sure we lead you, guide you according to The Great Plans wish. The Great Plan of LOVE. Heading up to the fourth dimension. A dimension of Love. A dimension of Light. An unification of many loving dimensions who travel on the Light. Are empowered by Light and empowered by Love. Are motivated by Love and empowered by Light.

If you doubt you’re a Starseed child never hesitate to ask the universe for it. We will give you the answer in your self-revelation. Your source of being, your beloved soul, knows the plan. Knows its mission and is dedicated to follow the plan and live its mission. We repeat, you souls, our souls, all have a mission. Except some few in the soul world. But that’s another story! You are all unique! We are all unique! In the soulfulness of your souls lays the uniqueness. We are all equal!!! We don’t make a difference! We are all star seeds when your soul came from the Light and the Love and contains these pillars, groundings, in your being.

Fed by the energetical empowerment of the universe all souls seek for enlightenment. The evolvement into the dust to climb the staircase of Love. The staircase of Light to the ‘soul heaven’. Star seeds will be enlightened after completed their earthly task. They will be one with source. The source of Light and Love. To contribute their energetical state of enlightenment to the source. To empower the universe.

Just a reminder: we are ALL Starseeds!!! Don’t make yourself special once you know, in awareness of your being that you came directly from the Light for your last mission. A volunteered mission. Written down in your soul plans and soul contracts. A real star seed child, a child of Love and Light, never lives its ego!!! Star seeds live by their pure heart. By their pure souls. And that’s real star seed like! The unfolded you will know that. Into the blueprint of your soul, in their soul memory, they just know that! It’s a great myth that Starseeds children must been heard, seen and empowered by their ego. They only show themselves when their task needs that! Nothing more. Nothing less. Fed by the stars we are all a gathering of unified stardust. You’re empowered by your earthly adaption. We are all empowered by chords of energy, strings of Love and strings of Light. We move along the universe on highways. Energetical high ways. Starseed souls use these highways too. But that’s enough for now. We will be back with more information. So that the real essence of the universe will be revealed, unfolded and known. As the source of Al is all!!!

Love, Irmgard❤️