How to reach the Nirvana?

The nirvana is nothing more than the contemplation state of being. Of existence. Of nurturing your soul on the highest level as possible. Being one with oneself. Being as Light as you can be. Being as loving as you can be. Being as happy as you can be. In the ultimate state realignment of yourself with the ultimate roots of your being. Into the earthly dust. The nirvana is as a portal to the divine realm before you enter the line of being into the dust as a soul and being out the dust of your soul. It is a fantastic state for your soul to be! You are aligned with the universe in the most adequate way there is. The most divinely outcome of your earthly soul. It is great if you can live on the earth ground down under our realm energy, the frequency whereupon our spirit realm -the world of the passed by spirits, light beings, angels and many many other being like Jésus and the divine source itself- resonates. It is an superb achievement of your human being and your soul that you can reach, in total alignment of your earthly personality (the ego) with your divine energy (the awareness of your being), to reach this nirvana state of consciousness by life!

Zen power

We are not all acquainted with the inner power and awareness called ‘the zen’, the total inner peace, state of your being. The focus in total silence, without any thoughts. Without any belief and feeling of reality. Of yourself of your surroundings. You are one with the energy of the spirit realm. Called the dimension of Light and Love. This alignment is so huge, so highly focused on the higher frequency of the divine realm itself that your soul is fed by the source itself. The big great source of Light. The big great source of Love. Well-known as GOD. God is just a name! What’s in a name??? God is just a name of the offspring of the gathering of energy in one large pool. One huge, limitless, eternal source of Light. One huge, eternal source of Love. Without any boundaries. Without any limitations. The only limitation there is, in your dimension (as there are many, many dimensions more!) is the human mind. Called the ego (mind). If you stick to your ego mind, you are never to be able to visit that beautiful ultimate ‘state of zen’; the nirvana. So, if you want to go there you have to process and face yourself first! As the way to nirvana is the way through the heart and the soul!

We are not alone

How to reach the nirvana? As a great nourishment for your beloved soul and your human adaption. We give the short explanation. As said the lead to the nirvana goes hand in hand with the blueprint of your beloved soul. With this guide map of your soul you are able to find the way to the heart. And through the heart to your inner being, the soul. Never forget that your heart is the seat, the ‘homie’ of your soul! The heart and the soul know the way to the energetical high strings of the divinely shaped space between your dimension and our dimension: the world of eternal souls. Realize it is never too late, you are never to old to open the heart and find your soul! With its unique God given talents. With its unique gifts for humanity. It is all given to you, to your soul, to serve the greater good. The wholeness of the universe. Well that’s another blog worthy! In the uniqueness of your being you will find the authenticity of your souls. In the sprit realm we are all equal! There is NO hierarchy! As energy is our power, our appearance and our motivator ‘to fly’, to move, on the energetical highways of Love and Light, through the huge, immense universe. With several dimensions! Never think you are alone, you aren’t!

Connected by strings of energy

The world of eternal fields of energy. The world of several (uncountable!!!) dimensions with enormous differences. Unknown. Unseen and sometimes unwanted! But most dimensions are peaceful. Loving. Caring for mankind. You never have something to fear because there are many loving dimensions in between! All united. All connected. In energy. In eternity. In astral knowledge, bindings and history. We all came from stardust! So do you!!! As one great force, astral force, was the beginning of all existence. The BIG BANG! You figured it out! Yes, you did. One great blast was necessary for life. For all that dimensions. But the universe is far more old than you can imagine. The universe is far beyond any measures. The universe is far beyond any dimensions. Uncountable dimensions! And universally seen you are all connected. Connected by strings of energy. The highways of the universe. But also connected by the layers of construction. The pillars of the universe: astral dust! Astral dust became energy, energy became flows, flows together with astral dust became groundings for planets, for stars even for your existence as a human being. This was a bit of history. Lets go back to the nirvana state of being.

How ‘to tip tap’ into the zen modus?

Breath! Breath and meditation are the most important contribution towards yourself! To find or regain your inner stillness. In your inner silence, the stillness of your being, you will find your way, the path to nirvana. Surrender to the stillness! Get out of the mind! Put your ego aside. An ego minded soul will never find it’s way to the nirvana state of being. Mindfulness but also awareness makes you conscious of your own being. All the power, the strength you need to find your path of liberation lays inside you! You have it all! It is essential to be aware of this. In your inner wisdom you can always find your truth. Your souls are so wise! You should share that wisdom! But that is also a subject of another blog. Search for a quite place to be. Be on your own in silence. Or may be you like to share or reach the ultimate zen status of your consciousness with like-minded people. It is all fine by us! Breath in breath out, very consciously, and your thoughts fade away slowly by each breath you take… Feel your body and your energy. Than surrender. Surrender to the divine. Surrender to the realm of great energy and focus on the big eternal source of Love. The huge source of Light of eternity. In full surrender you breath in and breath out… You only be. Be there on that exact spot. The place of your being on that particular moment. You leave the feelings of awareness. You surrender to the greatness of the divine. You surrender to your soul. Completely. In this surrender, devotion and soulfulness you will be able, by practicing al lot!, the nirvana. Congratulations if it happens someday! It all has to do with surrender, with soulfulness and with being one with oneself. With total alignment of your body (mind) and soul. With total alignment of yourself with the universe. You can do it! Make the effort! Try it! Sometimes you have to practice for years. Sometimes you have to practice a whole life long! And sometimes, we are sorry to say that, you will never be able to reach the nirvana state. Only of the fact that you aren’t aligned up properly. This means nothing more than living by the heart and soul, living your blueprint of the soul with its soul purpose and adaption of your soul with the frequency of Love. With the frequency of Light!
We wish you a divinely good day, a earthly day into the dust. By the spirit realms represented by Metatron and Zadkiël.

Love, My HAPPY soul (Irmgard)