CORONA… THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT… Channeling March 25, 2020

True trueness is the one you can find within. All that knowing, all that sparkles and internal wisdom together what makes you. If you are eager for the truth of knowing you have to seek this inside yourself. Undoubtedly you know what is going on. But what says your inner self about it? Is it the truth? Do you live the truth? Your truth??? Do you take care of yourself and the more for others? Of don’t you care about that? Are you so reluctant that it does not matter? Is it really true that the circle of Light -the Corona virus- sets you apart, aside or not willing to meet each other again? Apparently this is nothing new as you already did close down a long time ago. The time you started to live on masse our own self, driven by the humanly ego self. That is what really sets you apart. Not the virus what is flowing around your planetary grounds. Sky high and low bottom. It is you what sets you apart and that is a fact. The universal truth of being.

Not alone that. You set also yourself apart. Loosened and abandoned your roots of being. The universal lines to the big greater good. You are energy. We all are. You do not differ as much of all the other species around you. We are all bounded to the universal energies. Energetically seen. You, the moment you start following your ego driven minds, you lost the more and the more the connection with self. You just lost yourself in your humanly driven selves. And that is fine by us but don’t give others the fault of your disadvantaged well-being. You lost your connection with self, the greater good and all around you. You choose to follow your humanly leads instead of following the universal leads of being. You set yourself apart by that and left not only the universal Light but also bit by bit your own inner, circle of Light.

A virus terrorizing your humanly life forms of being. How awfully inconvenient for your lives, for your connections but also for you own plans of being and most of all for yourself. Now life did set you doubly apart of your own self. You are not only afraid of getting that Corona pneumonia but you are most of all afraid of self. Captured in your own beliefs, misconceptions and even comprehensive, anxiety, thoughts. You limit yourself, not only by society and governments, but by your own seclusion thoughts of being. You set yourself a long time apart of self, lost the connection with your higher self and now you even loose connection with all around you.

Is it true that you are afraid? Are you afraid of this pneumonia because of self or for others? Think about that. You souls are all connected. As you are afraid only for self you set yourself again apart of all. We are all a part of that big energetical magical world called the universe. Is it so when you set yourself apart of everything, self, higher self and the connective energy, that you intend to forget who you are in the first place? You can’t set yourself apart of yourself. And this time of being is a really good chance to look further into yourself, to go to introspective belief, to the essence of who you are, to come home. Once again. By self. Connected, aligned, with your higher self. You are a body, mind and soul. But that last part, that beautiful higher energetical part of your embodied self, needs to be acknowledged too. From the start. Embraced, lived and followed. By the intuition. That internal beautiness.

It is time to connect with self again and when the ‘danger hype of the pneumonia’ is passed by with others. You get time to be back, to be based, in self again. Use that time of being. Connect with self, feel what is best for you, take care for self and you beloved being and make new goals in live. What did you strive for so far? Did it make you extremely happy? Did you live your dreams, passions and all the things what make you happy or happier? It is time to reflect on such kind of things. Your basis need to be fed with the universal energies again and that is only possible when you are not only glad with self, that you Love self, that you are able to embrace self but that you are apparently more than okay as you are. That essence of your being, that authentic you, is so beautiful as it consists the universal energies. The universal energies are beyond anything more than beautiful. Also you, dear humanly soul, consists this energy and it is time to come home again. Rooted in your own well-being.

Coming home? Well said! I am home already you might think. Surrounded by bricks, clay, straw or whatever you built you houses of. That is not home! Home in the earthly way of pronouncing. We mean universally home. As said. Loving yourself to the utmost in all sequences and with all the dualities you carry inside your own being. You are almighty human. And that is okay. More than that. In the humanly component you have to find your way. Not only your own way of living but also your own way of living with yourself. That is called, universally seen…, coming home. In self. Aligned with your higher self into the most balanced connection there is between your humanly mind, the ego self, and the soul. That beautiful eternal part of yours.

You need to come home in your own circle of Light again. The Coronavirus urges you to come home in your own circle of Light. Isn’t it strange that a virus, the extinguished pneumonia entitled as Corona virus, urges you to step in your own circle of Light again??? Is this coincidence? We, as narrators of the universal compounds, rather feel that this is no coincidence. As it is time to come home in self, aligned with your being and to get rooted once again in the universal energies. Your being is urged to live its own essence, its own authenticity, and the Coronavirus, the treat of it, makes you unbelievable willing to this. See the Coronavirus as a universal force to push you into your own circle of Light again. As a transformative force. You were so distanced from self, from others and lost you connection with all. That is not how it is supposed to be.

Time are times and your technologies are more advanced than ever. As you only look at your own technologies. Universally seen you just set birth into your own planetary dimension of being. But that is an universal fact. Just live it. We do the rest. You were extremely disconnected. In universal energy. Now it is time, we rather speak about the moment as the universe is timeless into eternity, to gather yourself together, take a leap in where you stand now and what you really want in life. You are made purposely, with a purpose and losing your roots of being meant that you lost track too. That is not how it is foreseen. Time to come home. Embrace yourself in Love and when it is allowed again embrace the other firmly and say that you Love them, what they mean for you and the most… Get connected! From your own renewed home base of being. Connected with your higher self, listening to the intuitive leads and more over… connected with not only the universal energies again but with all around you. Promise us, after this setback, that you live your passion, your purpose and your dreams. That is highly important. Set base, reconnect and… off you go! Good luck, dear souls. Just reminder this temporarily setback won’t last forever …

Love, Irmgard💛