Your roots of Being

In the assumption
Of knowledge
You won’t find yourself
In the openness of the heart
You can meet
The exquisite state of being
Known as your soul

You with your mind full being
What is going on?
You were put into the dust
With a silver lining
A great inner Light!
A huge amount of Love!

But nowadays
You (mostly) lost your silver cord!
The thickened energetical
Connection with the divine
The source of Light & Love
The source of all!

It’s a pity, we say
That you lost your connection
Your alignment with the universe! Us!
But most of all it’s really a loss
That you are loose chained
Of your rooted connection

With your divinely given source
The great source of Al
Of all its existence!
Of all its LOVE!
Of all its LIGHT!
Why are you holding on
To your ego beings (so long)?

We cannot understand
Why you neglect
Why you ignore
The basis of your existence
Of being into the dust
The dusty surroundings called earth

Why oh why did you loose
Yourself along the route
Along the turbulent path
Called life
Drilled and manipulated
By your ego(istic) minds???

Are you a slave of your minds?
Of your egos?
Why following the ego(istic) mind
When you have
A loving core inside you?
In the inner believe of knowing!

You’re so gifted!
Gifted with a beautiful heart!!!
With a beautiful soul!!!
But in the ignorance of knowing
You only and mostly follow your minds
What’s wrong with you?

You have an inner diamond
The soul. Who wants to shine!
But the only narrator in life
Is your mind! You ego!
Be receptive to the divine!
Be receptive to your soul!

To the path of the soul
It will navigate, narrate you
Through life
As soon as you’re willing
To open up
To open up your heart

Meet the soul
That precious shining diamond
Inside your being
It wants to shine!
It wants to live!
It wants be aligned!
With the universe again!!!

With its source
The source of all being
Of Al. Al what’s inside you
Will be accomplished
As soon as you start
Embracing and living your soul!

In the out bursting outcome
Of being you will reveal
Its greatest potential
Its greatest beliefs
Its greatest awareness of being
In the knowledge that you ‘re so loved
And connected again with your roots

The groundings of Light
The roots of Love
The basis of being
Lies within the acknowledge
Of your soul. Your diamond
And never, we say, never by
The acknowledge of your mind
Of your ego!

Love, Irmgard💗